Weekend Eating: Birthday Celebrations!

Sat 3rd Aug 2013

Breakie 9.30am

  • Slice pumpkin gluten free toast with jam
  • 1 x glass (about a “cup”) skim milk

Lunch – 1.30pm

  • 30g Camembert
  • 7 Snapz/Ritz crackers
  • 4 favourites (Poppy & sesame crackers)
  • 22g caramelised onion chutney
  • 1 x blueberry Chobani Greek yogurt- 0% fat

PM snack

  • A few more Snapz, 1 with a blob of cheese on


  • Coconutty chicken quinoa stew
  • Glass rose
  • Diet coke
  • 1 x oatmeal raisin cookie

Sunday 4th Aug 2013


Boyfriends bday is next week, so we celebrated it today with a gorgeous coastal walk that ended in Manly- seriously, my pictures do not do it justice, it was absolutely lovely!  AND, ended up being about 12K of walking, on top of my half hour walk to the horses, and my hour long feeding and mucking out of the horses, so I am hoping that the exercise will cancel out some of the eating from today!  Well, it was a bday celebrations, of course the food was going to be immense!

Ok, food today included bacon (a few cheeky pieces whilst I was grilling it), bacon rolls with avocado, aioli and iceberg (messy but yum!) for lunch that we took with us, a few sweets n some choc along the walk, tempura veggies with soy sauce and hand-cut chips at Mongers in Manly- if you’re ever in Manly, I recommend this place!!  I had about every different kind of veg in there, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, sweet potato, sweet corn, all in a light tempura batter, delish!  The boyf had flathead which he said was yum too!  Then of course, well, we were at the seaside, and being Brits we had to have an icecream- I had mint choc chip and lamington.  The lady had to give me a warning that it had coconut in, well duh, that’s why I chose it! 😛  Then home by about 8.30pm and cracked open a bottle of wine we got from our last Hunter Valley trip, a sweet verdelho.  We only had one glass each, but that was enough- topped off a really lovely day! 🙂

Next weekend, I’m making the boyfriends Birthday cake…. watch this space!


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