More Birthday Eating!

Tues 6 Aug 2013

Breakie- 6.10am

  • oatbran porridge, 4 strawberries, + 1 blob strawberry jam

AM snack- 10.45am

  • Pink lady apple.


  • pastryless veggie & halloumi quiche/frittata- veggies inc sweet potato, sweetcorn, onion, garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, 1 grated carrot
  • Lemon chobani Greek yogurt.

PM snack:

  • 3/4 a banana & apple muesli bar.

EXERCISE:  45min swim

Post swim:

  • mango coconut water & rest of muesli bar


  • coconut chicken quinoa stew
  • 3 slices white bread & butter….
  • Small bowl caramel icecream.
  • handful mint M&Ms, 2 squares G&B Butterscotch, 3 Cadbury mini eggs
  • 2 glass rose, 1 glass HV verdelho from Sunday.


1.38pm:  omg, the quiche thing was so tasty, I wish I’d had a bigger portion!!  I think it was the haloumi that did it, all grated up and mixed throughout, that and the dash of Mexican spice I put in there- made it extremely moreish!  I’m having it for my Fast Day tomorrow as well, so I’ll put the full ingredients list and little recipe instructions tomorrow.




Boyfriends Birthday today! 🙂 Hence all the naughty treats, the bread, choc, icecream and wine!  We both still did our Tuesday sports though- him at the running club and me swimming.  He’d probably have skipped it except some locals have been causing problems at the track, so he wants to be there to support their 80+  year old coach who’s been feeling very threatened by it- well you would if you were 80+ and a man half your ages was getting right up in your face!  Has all been pretty bad.  But anyways…..  as the boyf was still running I still went swimming.  Did 45 minutes, mostly breaststroke as I am seriously achey after my riding lesson yesterday!


Been riding about 3 ½ years now and this was my first ever lesson “on the lunge” – ie- instructor in middle holding a rope/lead with my horse attached to the end of it, and me basically going round and round her.  It’s a great way to be able to focus on your own technique without having to worry about controlling the horse.  That sounds a bit weird I know, but it really lets you just work on you, and boy did I work hard on my posture, leg position and balance yesterday!  This included lots of stirrup-less riding (walk and seated trot), as well as rising trot with no stirrups!!!!!!!  Yes, it is possible I promise you, it’s just really hard work!!  Afterwards my instructor was like “right, next time we’ll do some stirrup-less cantering”- eek, sounds a bit scary but I’m quite excited about it!  There’s so much stuff you have to think about when you’re riding, so it was great to be able to focus solely on me and work on correcting my riding.  Was really quite amazing, in the space of an hour I felt like I improved loads!  Of course each lesson you have to start a little bit from scratch again, but bit by bit you start to naturally use the correct posture etc- just takes practice and more time in the saddle.  With this in mind I’m going to start having an extra park ride a month.  I usually have lessons once a fortnight as they’re quite expensive, but to see a real improvement I really need to ride more, so I’m adding the extra park ride (cheaper!) each month.  My instructor is going to get me doing exercises as we’re going round the park, so it won’t be just plodding along! So this coming Monday is a park ride, and then the one after that is another lunge lesson. 😀



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