Long day!

Thurs 8 Aug 2013

Breakie 6.15am

  • Oatbran porridge with 2 blobs jam

AM snack

  • H2Coco Pomegranate and Acai Coconut water
  • Pink Lady apple
  • A few macadamia, pepita’s & spicy corn

Lunch- 12.45pm

  • Veggie quiche – 1/8 portion
  • 1 x carrot and a chunk of cucumber
  • Chobani apple and cinnamon Greek yog pot

PM snack

  • Small Tupperware of red grapes
  • A few macadamia, pepita’s & spicy corn


  • Bean, veggie & chorizo veggie “Butter Chicken” curry  – onion, broccoli, celery, mushroom, red pepper, kideney beans, chickpeas, 1 chorizo sausage chopped up small, I x jar Pataks Butter Chicken sauce, I x can chopped tomatoes.  Stir-fried in a dash of olive oil and coconut oil.  No rice for me.

Had to go for an eyetest this evening (new glasses, whoop whoop, so excited!) and then I had do a bit of a food shop afterwards, so I didn’t get home till 8pm, by which time I was a cranky pants since it was late and I was tired, hungry and couldn’t be bothered to chop vegetables!!  V nicely the boyf did the cooking cos otherwise we’d have been having instant noodles!!  So I just sat and ate my grapes and tried to chill out/calm down.  Once food was on the table I felt much better!  🙂


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