Fast Day 24:  Wed 7 August 2013


Break – 6.10aqm – total 121c

  • 150g strawberries
  • ½ pot (85g) Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt = 73c

Lunch – quiche + spinach – total 241c

  • 120g carrot, grated = 38c
  • 180g Lemnos Halloumi = 515c
  • 400g sweet potato, chopped into small cubes = 360c
  • 152g cherry tomatoes = 28c
  • 7g garlic = 10c
  • 4g chilli = 1
  • 100g frozen sweetcorn = 78c
  • 260g onion = 78c
  • 100g spinach = 21c
  • 1 x 350g tub Bulla low fat cottage cheese = 298c
  • 5 x eggs = 345c
  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 10g Flora Light marge = 42c
  • Mexican taco/fajita spice = 0c

Total 1855c / 8 portions = 231c

  • 80g spinach = 10c

Snack – total 55c

  • 80g grapes = 55c

EXERCISE:  1 hr vinyasa yoga (heated room)

Dinner – 10am –yog = 73c

  • other half of the Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt = 73c


Fast Day 24 total:  490c

9.59am:  I don’t like fasting on a yoga day, as I don’t get in till gone 9.30pm, by which time I’m usually pretty cranky- is just a long day in which to Fast.  But with riding lesson Monday and boyfriends birthday yesterday I could only really fast today and Friday- and boo to Fasting on a Friday too, that’s rubbish, but I don’t want to Fast at the weekend, so that’s that, no choice but to Fast on my least favourite Fast days this week. L  Oh well.  At least it’ll stop me stuffing my face with cheese n crackers Friday night when I get in from work.  Better get a diet coke ready though, cos am going to need some form of treat for a Friday night!

Quiche Recipe

  • Great for using up leftover veg!
  • Alternatively if you don’t have/like haloumi, top with grated cheddar.  This time I had no cheddar in the fridge so I experimented with the haloumi, and it worked really well! 😀

1)      Preheat oven to 200F

2)      In a big saucepan/wok/frying pan, heat oil and add the onion, chilli and garlic- stirfry till soft.

3)      Add your small cubes of sweet potato, other veg, and grated haloumi- stirfry till softened, c 10 mins.

4)      Add spinach to wilt, at last minute.

5)      Meanwhile, in a bowl add your cottage cheese and eggs- mix up till thoroughly combined.

6)      Add seasoning and any desired spices to the cottage cheese/egg mix- I added Mexican taco spice, probably about a tablespoon (I just sprinkled in as much as I fancied).

7)      Once veg/cheese is softened nicely, put into a greased rectangular oven proof dish and top with egg mixture- stir it all up so everything is well combined.

8)      Cook in oven for approximately 30-45mins.  Mine ended up being in the oven for about an hour- it really depends on how much filling is in your quiche.  Check at 30 min and then decide how much longer you think it will need.

9)      Cook till lovely and golden!  🙂


12.34pm:  I want to eat my lunch now.  Mostly because I am bored and want my half hour break, but I can’t cave in this early when I have yoga as I’ll be eating dinner so late!  I need to push lunch a bit later so that I don’t starve.  I at least planned a snack, gonna have some of my grapes before and after yoga, just to keep me going.  Not sure how I’m gonna do at yoga after 12k walk Sunday, riding Monday and swimming yesterday…. Hahaha, technically I should be running Thursday too, provided I haven’t collapsed by then!!  Think that’d be the most exercise I’ll have done in a week if I do run Thursday.  But if I decide not to run cos am feeling too tired/achey, I plan NOT to beat myself up about it as I’ll have done a lot already this week.

It’s weigh in day tomorrow, and I am dreading it as usual.  If I’ve put more weight on again I am going to cry.  And also die of shame cos I have to put it on here.  A couple of weeks ago I weighed myself and it said I’d lost 3lb- well I’ve already put 2 of them back on- I really don’t want to step on the scales and find I’ve put it ALL back on!!!  I am still slimmer than when I started Fasting, but I seem to be floundering a little bit this last few weeks and not making any progress.  I was kind of hoping Fasting would transform my body, but a few pounds does not a transformation make.  I think it would if I didn’t keep sabotaging myself by stuffing my face on “Feast” days!  For instance, I know it was the boyfriends bday yesterday but why did I have to have THREE slices of white bread n butter with my dinner???  Why not just one slice if I had to have any at all???  Why icecream AND some chocolate?


10pm:   was supposed to have soup for dinner but I just didnt want it, bleurgh, so uninspiring and I know it wouldn’t have been remotely satisfying- just want to sleep, would rather go to bed with no dinner than eat it- NO MORE SOUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!  The boyf said I had to eat something though as I’d exercised, so I ate the other half of my chobani yogurt and now plan to collapse!


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