Fast Day 25: always look on the bright side of life! :-P

Friday 8th August 2013

Break – 6am – total 62c

  • 100ml skim milk = 35c
  • 40g red grapes = 27c

Lunch  – 1.30pm – total 231c

  • 1/8 portion quiche = 231c

Fake Wine:

  • Coke Zero = 0

Dinner – 7pm – stirfry veg – total 204c

  • 10g butter = 71c
  • 60g onion = 18c
  • 250g mix frozen veg = 115c
  • pepper steak spice and garlic powder = 0

Fast Day 25 Total 497c

Not too much to comment on about today really.  Tum got a bit gurgly for food this morning, but nothing water and tea couldn’t fix.  Had an annoying bus journey home from work, would have been nice to have a drink this evening but oh well, I can just have a drink tomorrow if I want,  On a plus side, as it was a Fast Day today I didn’t stuff my face with cheese and crackers like I often do Friday!

Dinner was nice, simple but tasty, and VERY easy!  Not sure why I hadn’t thought of doing this before!


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