Fast Day 26:

Tues 13 Aug 2013

Break- 6.15am – total 49c

  • 100g naval orange = 49c

Lunch 1pm – scrambled egg n sausage– total 289c

  • 1 x egg = 69c
  • 1 x Woolworths Aussie Beef honey flavour sausage = 220c

EXERCISE:  45 min swim

Dinner – 7.40pm – stirfry veggies – total 156c

  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 250g frozen mix veg = 115c
  • Peppered steak spice = 0
  • half can Coke Zero = 0

Fast Day 26 Total: 494c

The weekend was the final bday celebrations for the boyfriend- ie- I made him his Birthday cake-  2 layer choc sponge with salted caramel butter icing, topped with choc-dipped coconut macaroons….. of which we ate A LOT.  It was not a remotely healthy weekend, but the end of his bday fun, so I am going to be nice to myself and not weigh myself this week.  Bit wimpy I know, but I also know I’ll have put loads of water weight on (seriously bloated) and the scales will depress me if I weighed myself tomorrow.

Is nice having a Fast Day after all that food, my stomach definitely needs a break from it- it actually felt tender to touch this morning which I think is probably not a good thing!!!

Breakfast was pretty small, but lunch made up for it.  Lunch wasn’t super large either, but it was definitely yummy and full of flavour, so very much worth the calories.  I figured it would be best to try and avoid carbs as much as I could today, so I went for a protein high lunch.  Thought it might help make me look less bloated for swimming and the dreaded bikini…. Eeek!

Feel v thirsty after swimming, would have liked to been able to have a coconut water, but never mind, lots of regular water.  And food is filling so that’s nice.  Had half can Coke Zero in the fridge that needs drinking before it goes flat, so will have that as my dessert.  Don’t really fancy it, feels too unhealthy after all my super swimming (45 mins), but would rather not waste it, and since it’s zero calories it won’t kill me to finish it off!


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