Feel like such a blimp!

Wed 14 Aug 2013

Break- 6.10am

  • Oatbran porridge with 2 blobs strawberry jam

AM snack 10am

  • Mix dried fruit n nut (dates, dried pineapple, dry roasted peanuts, macadamia nuts, pepita seeds)

Lunch – 12.30pm

  • ½ avo on 2 x Vitawheat lunchslice crackers
  • Some goats cheese on 1 x vitawheat
  • Apple & cinnamon Chobani Greek yogurt pot

EXERCISE:  1 hr Vinyasa yoga, in heated room

Post Yoga snack

  • Mango coconut water
  • Slice bread


  • toast with butter
  • Beef n veggie risotto



Today is one of those days where I feel STARVING and just want to stuff my face with food, even though I just ate a rather large lunch.  It’s odd, because all I want is food, but food won’t actually satisfy me because I will just want/need to eat more.  I hate these days, and don’t understand why I get them.  Does everyone get them?  Is it my body reacting to the Fast Day or to the weightloss in general, trying to make me gain it all back?  Either way, I don’t care, it’s annoying, I just want it to stop!!!  It’s making today feel really hard.


OMG I have been dealing with the most annoying client- had to send an additional quote for a project as there were additional charges and they’re making such a big fuss about it– IT’S $200 AUD JUST PAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s not like we said the extra fee was 2 million ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- stop harassing me by email backwards and forwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is probably a good job I am going to yoga cos seriously, I need a stiff drink after dealing with this woman!!

Post yoga:

Oh dear.  Well.  The only thing getting me through the day was that I was going to allow myself a piece of toast as my pre-yoga snack.  Got home, and there was no bread in the house.  Something in me must have snapped, because I ended up having a complete food binge:


  • ½ pack BBQ rice crackers
  • Tablespoon of salted caramel butter icing (we got rid of the cake but still had some of this left over)
  • Tablespoon of chocolate spread
  • A load of banana sweets (those foamy ones, like the shrimps, but banana’s)- the boyf bought them for his post- City to Surf race treat… along with a load of other sweets which are now left in the house for me n my weak-will to scoff.
  • 2 gummy worms
  • A few dry roasted peanuts


I am so ashamed of myself for eating all that crap, and can’t believe I am putting this on here.  Was tempted to pretend this didn’t happen and not write about it, but it did, and I want to be honest.  No weightloss is easy, there’s always bumps in the road, and I stumbled over a big one.  Am surprised I didn’t throw up at yoga to be honest!!!


Then on the way home the boyf had been to the shops, so I ate a slice of bread at the bus stop post yoga, and our microwave died so we had to reheat dinner in the oven which too forever- didn’t eat till 10.30pm- so I had a slice of toast with butter.


I feel like such a blimp!  😦


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