Fast Day 28: Could have done with some chocolate!

Break – 6.15am – porridge – total 144c

  • 20g oat bran = 74c
  • 200ml skim = 70c

Lunch- 1.05pm – soup – total 144c

  • Woolworths Skinny Soup- Spicy Mexican Chipotle Tomato and black bean soup- 300g pot = 144c

EXERCISE: 45 min Swim

Dinner – 8pm – stirfry – total 172c

  •  185g pak choi = 24c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 20g Amoy Sichuan Spicy paste sauce = 54c
  • 15mlAmoy Light Soy Sauce = 7c
  • 125g (1/2 pack) Slim Organic Shirataki “fettucine” = 12c
  • garlic powder and Chinese 5 Spice = 0


  • 70g gold kiwi = 37c
  • 1 glass coke zero = 0

Fast Day 28 Total:  497c

Today was alright, Fast-wise, although work was super stressful and I really would have liked nothing better than to come home and curl up on the sofa and eat chocolate.  Probably a good day it was a Fast Day then!  😛  Went swimming after work, and when I came back I had my yummy dinner and that was filling, plus a bit of fruit for dessert- totally do-able day, despite the evilness of work tempting me to naughtiness!

Weigh in tomorrow. I fear there will be weight gain, but if there is, I know that there will also be weight loss in the future, so I will try not to let it bother me too much!  Will try and use it to spur me on to eat well this weekend.

Also tomorrow could be tricky aside from the weigh-in, as I’ve decided to do another Fast Day- 2 in a row.  I’m not going to yoga so I thought I might as well Fast tomorrow, so that I can do my running on Thursday with some extra gas in the tank.  I struggled to keep up last week, so I thought it might help if I had a bit more food on Thurs.  This could be a VERY bad idea, 2 Fast Days in a row, but never mind, nothing happening when I get in, so if I feel like it I can just curl up on the sofa if I’m feeling exhausted!



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