Fast Day 30: Soup, the lazy girls friend!

Tues 27 Aug 2013

Break- 6.15am- total 82c

  • 120g Chobani 2% Greek Yog = 82c

Lunch- 1.30pm – total 182c

  • Woolworths Skinny Soup- Tomato, Lentil & Bacon- 300g fresh pot = 182c

Dinner   – pm – total 234c

  • Woolworths Skinny Soup – Mild Indian Masala Dahl Soup = 234c


Fast Day 30 total = 498c

Think I ate so much over the weekend I really wasn’t hungry today.  Usually I get tummy grumbling about 11am, but not today!  Mostly had my lunch break because I wanted the work break rather than food.

The menu for today wasn’t really very inventive, but a busy weekend meant I was quite tired yesterday and couldn’t really be bothered to come up with anything more exciting.  But that’s what soup is for- it’s why I bought them at least- for when laziness strikes!  Maybe Thursday’s Fast Day I will plan something more interesting, but we shall see.

I did make the chickpea blondie brownies at the weekend like I said I was going to, and they were really good actually!  Tasted lovely and nutty, and not like chickpeas!  Great if someone has a gluten/wheat intolerance, I’d really recommend them.  One friend tried them (after some convincing because he’d already eaten a lot of food not long before) and ended up having 3 pieces!  And the other friends asked for the recipe, so I think it’s quite a winner! 😀  I added an extra egg (worried it wouldn’t rise at all with no flour!) and 2 handfuls of chopped hazelnuts.  It had choc chips in, but you could easily substitute that for dried dates- which I might try next time, will make it fudgy and delicious I think.  Will put the recipe (and a photo, cos I had the forethought to take a picture this time!) on here later.

You may have noticed I have been posting a bit less recently.  I’ve been doing it for a while now, the Fasting and the blog, and there’s always so much stuff to do “in real life” that I’ve decided  not to post all my Feast Day eating any more as it’s quite time consuming.  I’m sure I will sometimes, and am sure I’ll be telling you about  momentous weekend eating on occasion, or recipes that I’ve really liked, but I’m not going to be posting every Feast Day now.  Suffice to say, Feast week days are usually pretty healthy, not much different to Fast Days except I usually have a yogurt and fruit n nuts, and some kind of veggie lentil dinner rather than soup.  Weekend Feast Days are where I go more nuts- usually involving cake, cheese and wine.  So if ever I’ve gained weight one week, it’s safe to assume it’s because of my general weekend over-indulgences.  It’s almost September now, and since I want to be fit and fabulous by the time it’s my 30th Birthday in Jan I probably need to start listening to my body more at the weekend and eating less- this is my aim now.


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