Fast Day 33: Happy Belated Fast Day!

Oophs, busy weekend so never got round to posting Friday’s Fast Day- so here it is! 😀


Fri 6 Sept 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 48c

  • 150g strawberries = 48c

Lunch –  – total 162c

  • Woolworths Skinny Soup- Spicy Mexican Chipotle Tomato and black bean soup- 300g pot = 144c
  • 120g cucumber = 18c

Dinner – curry – total 290c

  • 5g organic coconut oil = 42c
  • 35g spring onion = 11
  • 10g garlic = 14c
  • 147g broccoli = 49c
  • 132g Woolworths Homebrand chickpeas = 174c
  • curry spices = 0

Fast Day 33 Total = 500


Felt quite good today as I did the social running club Thursday night (no way I wasn’t going to do this after Wednesday night’s debacle!!), so was feeling fit and healthy what with my fast too!  We did a hilly 6.5K, in about 40-45 mins, so I’m pleased with that!

Was a bit tricky after work as I went to the super market to pick up a few bits.  Feeling a bit tired n grumpy by the time I got home, but all sorted by a coke zero and then a quick veggie curry not long after- yum!


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