Fast Day 37: less tea, more water?

Thurs 19 Sept 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 68c

  • 45g Chobani 2% Greek yogurt = 31c
  • 10g oatbran = 37

Lunch- 1pm – total 163c

  • Continental Cup-A-Soup – Asian Laksa = 144c
  • 100g cherry tomatoes = 19c

Dinner – total 254c

  • 100g Homebrand chickpeas = 132c
  • 100g Homebrand sweetcorn kernals = 80c
  • 100g cucumber = 15c
  • 4g coriander = 2c
  • teaS olive oil = 40c
  • chilli flakes and a sqeeze of lime = 0
  • ¼ can  of a coke zero from yesterday = 0

Fast Day 37 Total = 500c


Hahaha, do you like my attempt at making my lunch a bit healthier by having a few cherry tomatoes too?  Completely cancels out the fakeness and chemicallyness of the cup-a-soup….. ahem.

Am being a bit lazy this week, but also am trying to use things up that we have in the cupboard.  You always go “there’s nothing to eat!” when there’s TONNES of stuff you could eat in your fridge, freezer, cupboards etc, so I am trying to use these kinds of things up and be a bit less wasteful.  Also in an attempt to try and spend a bit less money at the supermarket.  There’s only 2 of us in our house hold- no kids- no pets – and yet the supermarket still takes FARRRRRRRR too much of our money each week!!!!  Hence the rather frugally lunch today.

Breakie made a nice change today as it felt a bit more substantial than my recent fast days where I’ve mostly just had fruit.  The fruit isn’t too bad though, and generally it is filling, but maybe mentally having yogurt and oatbran seemed more filling as it was carbs and dairy, proper food, when usually fruit is a snack, or an addition to a meal e.g. strawberries or banana on my porridge!  My stomach certainly did NOT gurgle this morning like it has been, so maybe I am onto something with this more substantial Fast Day breakfast food.  Fruit is really just sugar isn’t it.  Better sugar, with good nutrients, but still sugar that will probably make you feel hungry again later, so perhaps I will continue with the yogurt and oatbran on fast days for a bit.

Oddly this afternoon I started feeling a bit jittery and shakey…. maybe too much tea on a fairly empty stomach?  It was a bit unpleasant,  Might be something to consider- less tea, more water?


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