Fast Day 38: loves me some okra!

Mon 23 Sept 2013

Break – 8.20am – total 152c

  • 70g avocado = 112c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • chilli flakes = 0

Lunch – 2.40pm – total 182c

  • 207g Woolworths Homebrand Baked Beans (roughly half a can) = 182c

Dinner – Stirfry – total 163c

  • 5g coconut oil = 42c
  • 30g Lee Kum Black Pepper Sauce = 40c
  • Chinese 5 spice = 0
  • 41g asparagus = 8c
  • 100g green beans = 31c
  • 120g okra = 37c
  • 50g iceberg lettuce = 5c

Fast Day 38 Total = 497c

Breakie was delicious, and a tonne of avocado for just one ryvita- had it been a normal day I’d have had it on 2.  Still, super tasty start to the day,

Then I went off on a little charity shop shopping spree, looking for a few new summer pieces at bargain prices!  I visited two charity shops and one second hand shop and rummaged round and found some gems that  can’t wait to wear, including a gorgeous maxi dress! 🙂  Was hoping to find some shorts, but maybe next time- will try again in a few weeks time after my friend has been and gone.  I’m trying to be thriftier (hence the second hand), but also clothes can be such throwaway items these days, it feels nicer to be a bit greener- your trash is my treasure as they say! 🙂

Came home, had my baked beans, and then set about doing some house chores (taking clothes off the line, ironing, washing up), and now I’m just waiting for a reasonable dinner time.  Am sadly excited about dinner because on my adventure today I stopped off at this awesome  fruit n veg place and picked up some okra (ladiesfingers/bhindi), which my local supermarket doesn’t stock, and I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!   Have stir-fried some up with some other veg for my lunch tomorrow, and on Wednesday’s fast day am thinking of making a mini curry with it- can’t wait!

I am doing 3 Fast Days this week so that I feel nice and slim for when my friend arrived from Singapore next Sunday!  Since visitors always equal food, I wanted to pre-empt it a little by doing 3 Fasts this week!


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