Fast Day 45: not much to report!

Wed 23 Oct 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 89c

  • Tamar reduced sugar Greek Yog – Citrus Cheesecake flavour = 89c
Lunch – total 141c
  • 50g avocado = 80c
  • chilli flakes = 0
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 50g cherry tomatoes = 9c
  • 40g carrot = 12c
Dinner- total 270c
  • Quinoa coconut stew = 270c
Fast Day total:  500c
Fast Day went ok, nothing much to report to be honest.  Lunch was tasty, as was dinner- I do like that if you pick the right things, you can have a very satisfying food day with just 500c.  Like my lunch was actually a decent portion of avo, would happily spread on 2 ryvita but I just piled it up on the one, and dinner was a decent bowlful too!

Now I just need to bring more of my fast day mentality into my feast days, they are still far too feasty, esp at the weekends!  The boyfriend isn’t allowed to have a drink until Christmas so am cutting down myself- only allowed a drink when I’m out or with friends, none at home when it’s just us.  Hopefully this will cut back on some cals.  Oh, skipping Halloween though, cos I’m making a newt eye punch with Cointreau in! 🙂  The boyf just gets OJ in his…. 😛

Fast Day 44: success!

Mon 21 Oct 2013


Break – 9am – total 81c

  • 156g apple = 81c


Lunch – 3.30pm – total 148c

  • 88g celery = 12c
  • 20g Southcape goats feta = 49c
  • 48g cherry tomatoes = 9c
  • Tamar Valley no added sugar Greek yog – Strawberry = 78c


Dinner – 7.45pm – total 270c

  • Portion (from frozen) quinoa coconut stew = 270c


Fast Day total: 499c


Got up late, planned breakfast and dinner as this was easy to do, and left lunch calories open for whatever I fancied when I got back from the shops.  Figured there was no point planning anything fancy incase I was ages at the shops and just wanted something quick when I got in rather than too much faffing around.  As it was, I WAS ages at the shops (new backpack, new sports bra, some Halloween goodies!), so when I came back I basically just had a plate of raw veg with the feta and a yogurt- simples!


Felt quite hungry for dinner though, but that could have been because the boyfriend was cooking a big fajita dinner (so we have leftovers for Tues) and grilling sausages to go in it- was a bit torturous!  But I survived, no extra snacking, even though it was soooooo tempting!


My next Fast Day will be Wednesday I think, as I will be running Thursday and don’t want another Fast Day fail on my hands!

Fast Day Fail :-(

Fast Day Fail!


Yep, was supposed to be a proper Fast Day yesterday (Thurs) and I failed. 😦


My excuse is this:  was going running club for the first time in at least a month (due to boyf ill, boyf away, friend here for 2 weeks) and it was very hot and in the end very very smokey out.  And I knew I would find it a real struggle if I only had lunchtime soup to go on, and I was determined that I would go, and knew if I didn’t have had a snack in the afternoon then I’d have flake out.  So, when I was tossing it up in my head, I thought it was more important to eat the muesli cereal bar and run, than stick to my fast and not run.  Did 5K in 30 mins.


Turns out, I prob shouldn’t have run, because of the smoke.  Must have been a MASSIVE bush fire because it was actually quite far away, over 100K away, and the sky was completely grey- it was very eerie and menacing!  Anyways, it’s the next day and my throat/breathing still feels a bit affected, so note to self- next time it’s that bad, do not run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast Day 43:

Tues 15 Oct 2013

Break- 6.15am – total 25c

  • 45g blueberries = 25c

Lunch – 1pm – total 156c

  • Woolworths Home Style fresh soup pot – 300g – Beef and Vegetable = 156c

Dinner -veggie curry – total 319c

  • 1 x jar Kan Ton Butter Chicken curry sauce = 728c
  • 1 x can Homebrand chickpeas = 316c
  • 1 x can homebrand chopped tomatoes = 108c
  • tableS olive oil = 121c
  • 1 swede- 285g = 108c
  • 1 carrot – 120g = 38c
  • 1 onion – 260g = 78c
  • 300g celery = 45c
  • 50g green beans = 15
  • 6g garlic = 8c
  • 50g homebrand frozen mix veg = 23c

1588 / 5 port = 317c

  • can diet coke = 2c


Fast Day 43 Total = 500c


Just for this first week I’ve decided to do 3 Fast Days to kickstart my weightloss- I don’t usually do 3 days as it makes it feel like more of a chore to me, but in this instance, the regain of all my pounds, I thought it was warranted.  Also, after all the eating I thought a bit of a more ‘extreme’ detox might be required to get me back in the swing of things.  My first Fast was yesterday and it went ok, except the boyf was working from home and kept having toast so that did make it a bit tougher.  But all in all, it went alright, didn’t cave in.  Actually had planned to have a few blueberries too yesterday but completely forgot all about them, so it can’t have been that tough!

I ordered a new bikini the other week and it arrived today…. am keeping my fingers crossed it will fit!!  If not my options are to return it or slim into it.  Motivation clothing- does this work as a weightloss aid?  Maybe I could stick a picture of it on my fridge as a warning not to eat.  Probably would have to be on all the kitchen cupboards too for good measure. 😛  Will be trying it on when I get home.  it doesn’t have to be a pretty sight (although the bikini is v pretty, me in it, prob not so much!)- I just want it to fit and hope I didn’t completely delude myself and order sizes smaller than I actually am! :-S


Well it fits and it’s cute, but would def look better after I’ve lost at least half a stone! So hopefully by Christmas then! 🙂

Today went ok.  Had to go to supermarket after work so that was a bit tough and felt hungry, but the diet coke saw me through until dinner.  Really I should be cutting back on the fizzy drinks cos they’re not good for you, but I find they help me stick to me plan esp if the alternative is stuffing my face with food!





Fast Day 42: Dusting myself off and starting afresh!

Mon 14 Oct 2013

EXERCISE: 30 minutes on the exercise bike:  5 min warm up, 20 min alternating 8 sec fast, 12 slow, 5 min warm down.  Followed by 3 x 20 crunches.

Break – 10.30am – total 138c

  • 2 x boiled eggs = 138c

Lunch – 3pm – roasted veg – total 145c

  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 218g cherry tomatoes = 41c
  • 3 cloves garlic – 5g = 7c
  • 1 x 85g carrot = 27c
  • 1/2 onion – 99g = 29c

Dinner – total 201c

  • 1 x 300g pot Woolworths fresh soup- Asian chicken and corn = 201c

Fast Day 42 total: 484c

So, my friend left on Saturday, I gave myself the rest of the weekend off, and have kick started the new week with a proper Fast Day today.  As I am back where I started weight-wise, I guess this is new beginnings, a new chapter.  Dusting myself off and starting afresh!

Whilst my mate was here I did attempt a few Fast Days where I ate nothing all day until dinner.  I was fine when I was at work, but because it wasn’t a “proper” fast day, as soon as I got home I stuffed my face with whatever I could find.  Usually toast.  Think if I did no eating till dinner on a “proper” fast day like today then I’d do alright, as I’ve pretty good willpower on proper Fast Days, but during holiday time I just couldn’t make it work, and I probably ended up eating way more cals/fat that I would have ordinarily!

Feels nice to give my stomach a bit of a rest.  Feels like I have been constantly eating for the entire two weeks, and my tum is really bloated now- I keep waiting for someone to ask me how far along I am!!!!

Also, I definitely haven’t been eating enough fruit n veg this last 2 weeks, so it was good having my veggie lunch today- it felt so healthy, and tasted so good!  It’s actually really nice to have enjoyed my lunch as much as I did.  Where I’ve been snacking so much it’s almost removed the pleasure from food because I never let myself feel any hunger- mechanical eating, mindless eating.  Getting back to my Fasting will make me appreciate my food again and I am looking forward to this.  Mindless eating is fine for a holiday, but it’s good to be back! 🙂

And we’re back to the drawing board!





Monday 14th October

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb


Yep, that is correct.  When I stepped on the scales this morning I discovered I am right back where I started- 9 stone 8lb.  I’ve had a friend visiting from the UK this last two weeks (gone home now 😦 ) which is where most of this weight gain is from.  Holidays are all about the eating and drinking and I embraced this with gusto!  The picture above?  The most divinely creamy Grand Marnier creme brulee with blood orange sorbet and little wafer biscuits- omg it was amazing!!!!!!!!  Below left?  Cocktails after a trip to the beach.  Below right?  Hunter Valley wine tasting tour!


SAM_5001 SAM_4954


I’m not going to kid myself and entirely blame the 2 weeks my friend was here.  There has been too much weekend eating, and too much weekend drinking going on in general, and I need to cut wayyyyyy back on both these things now so that I feel more comfortable with myself by Christmas.  It’s going to be a scorching summer here in Sydney (we’ve already had a 37 degrees day in OCTOBER- and they say there’s no such thing as global warming!!!!) and I don’t want to embarrassed about my body every time I wear shorts or a bikini, so I am all about getting my act together now.  Bring it on!!