And we’re back to the drawing board!





Monday 14th October

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb


Yep, that is correct.  When I stepped on the scales this morning I discovered I am right back where I started- 9 stone 8lb.  I’ve had a friend visiting from the UK this last two weeks (gone home now 😦 ) which is where most of this weight gain is from.  Holidays are all about the eating and drinking and I embraced this with gusto!  The picture above?  The most divinely creamy Grand Marnier creme brulee with blood orange sorbet and little wafer biscuits- omg it was amazing!!!!!!!!  Below left?  Cocktails after a trip to the beach.  Below right?  Hunter Valley wine tasting tour!


SAM_5001 SAM_4954


I’m not going to kid myself and entirely blame the 2 weeks my friend was here.  There has been too much weekend eating, and too much weekend drinking going on in general, and I need to cut wayyyyyy back on both these things now so that I feel more comfortable with myself by Christmas.  It’s going to be a scorching summer here in Sydney (we’ve already had a 37 degrees day in OCTOBER- and they say there’s no such thing as global warming!!!!) and I don’t want to embarrassed about my body every time I wear shorts or a bikini, so I am all about getting my act together now.  Bring it on!!




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