Fast Day 42: Dusting myself off and starting afresh!

Mon 14 Oct 2013

EXERCISE: 30 minutes on the exercise bike:  5 min warm up, 20 min alternating 8 sec fast, 12 slow, 5 min warm down.  Followed by 3 x 20 crunches.

Break – 10.30am – total 138c

  • 2 x boiled eggs = 138c

Lunch – 3pm – roasted veg – total 145c

  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 218g cherry tomatoes = 41c
  • 3 cloves garlic – 5g = 7c
  • 1 x 85g carrot = 27c
  • 1/2 onion – 99g = 29c

Dinner – total 201c

  • 1 x 300g pot Woolworths fresh soup- Asian chicken and corn = 201c

Fast Day 42 total: 484c

So, my friend left on Saturday, I gave myself the rest of the weekend off, and have kick started the new week with a proper Fast Day today.  As I am back where I started weight-wise, I guess this is new beginnings, a new chapter.  Dusting myself off and starting afresh!

Whilst my mate was here I did attempt a few Fast Days where I ate nothing all day until dinner.  I was fine when I was at work, but because it wasn’t a “proper” fast day, as soon as I got home I stuffed my face with whatever I could find.  Usually toast.  Think if I did no eating till dinner on a “proper” fast day like today then I’d do alright, as I’ve pretty good willpower on proper Fast Days, but during holiday time I just couldn’t make it work, and I probably ended up eating way more cals/fat that I would have ordinarily!

Feels nice to give my stomach a bit of a rest.  Feels like I have been constantly eating for the entire two weeks, and my tum is really bloated now- I keep waiting for someone to ask me how far along I am!!!!

Also, I definitely haven’t been eating enough fruit n veg this last 2 weeks, so it was good having my veggie lunch today- it felt so healthy, and tasted so good!  It’s actually really nice to have enjoyed my lunch as much as I did.  Where I’ve been snacking so much it’s almost removed the pleasure from food because I never let myself feel any hunger- mechanical eating, mindless eating.  Getting back to my Fasting will make me appreciate my food again and I am looking forward to this.  Mindless eating is fine for a holiday, but it’s good to be back! 🙂


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