Fast Day 43:

Tues 15 Oct 2013

Break- 6.15am – total 25c

  • 45g blueberries = 25c

Lunch – 1pm – total 156c

  • Woolworths Home Style fresh soup pot – 300g – Beef and Vegetable = 156c

Dinner -veggie curry – total 319c

  • 1 x jar Kan Ton Butter Chicken curry sauce = 728c
  • 1 x can Homebrand chickpeas = 316c
  • 1 x can homebrand chopped tomatoes = 108c
  • tableS olive oil = 121c
  • 1 swede- 285g = 108c
  • 1 carrot – 120g = 38c
  • 1 onion – 260g = 78c
  • 300g celery = 45c
  • 50g green beans = 15
  • 6g garlic = 8c
  • 50g homebrand frozen mix veg = 23c

1588 / 5 port = 317c

  • can diet coke = 2c


Fast Day 43 Total = 500c


Just for this first week I’ve decided to do 3 Fast Days to kickstart my weightloss- I don’t usually do 3 days as it makes it feel like more of a chore to me, but in this instance, the regain of all my pounds, I thought it was warranted.  Also, after all the eating I thought a bit of a more ‘extreme’ detox might be required to get me back in the swing of things.  My first Fast was yesterday and it went ok, except the boyf was working from home and kept having toast so that did make it a bit tougher.  But all in all, it went alright, didn’t cave in.  Actually had planned to have a few blueberries too yesterday but completely forgot all about them, so it can’t have been that tough!

I ordered a new bikini the other week and it arrived today…. am keeping my fingers crossed it will fit!!  If not my options are to return it or slim into it.  Motivation clothing- does this work as a weightloss aid?  Maybe I could stick a picture of it on my fridge as a warning not to eat.  Probably would have to be on all the kitchen cupboards too for good measure. 😛  Will be trying it on when I get home.  it doesn’t have to be a pretty sight (although the bikini is v pretty, me in it, prob not so much!)- I just want it to fit and hope I didn’t completely delude myself and order sizes smaller than I actually am! :-S


Well it fits and it’s cute, but would def look better after I’ve lost at least half a stone! So hopefully by Christmas then! 🙂

Today went ok.  Had to go to supermarket after work so that was a bit tough and felt hungry, but the diet coke saw me through until dinner.  Really I should be cutting back on the fizzy drinks cos they’re not good for you, but I find they help me stick to me plan esp if the alternative is stuffing my face with food!






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