Fast Day 44: success!

Mon 21 Oct 2013


Break – 9am – total 81c

  • 156g apple = 81c


Lunch – 3.30pm – total 148c

  • 88g celery = 12c
  • 20g Southcape goats feta = 49c
  • 48g cherry tomatoes = 9c
  • Tamar Valley no added sugar Greek yog – Strawberry = 78c


Dinner – 7.45pm – total 270c

  • Portion (from frozen) quinoa coconut stew = 270c


Fast Day total: 499c


Got up late, planned breakfast and dinner as this was easy to do, and left lunch calories open for whatever I fancied when I got back from the shops.  Figured there was no point planning anything fancy incase I was ages at the shops and just wanted something quick when I got in rather than too much faffing around.  As it was, I WAS ages at the shops (new backpack, new sports bra, some Halloween goodies!), so when I came back I basically just had a plate of raw veg with the feta and a yogurt- simples!


Felt quite hungry for dinner though, but that could have been because the boyfriend was cooking a big fajita dinner (so we have leftovers for Tues) and grilling sausages to go in it- was a bit torturous!  But I survived, no extra snacking, even though it was soooooo tempting!


My next Fast Day will be Wednesday I think, as I will be running Thursday and don’t want another Fast Day fail on my hands!


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