Fast Day 45: not much to report!

Wed 23 Oct 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 89c

  • Tamar reduced sugar Greek Yog – Citrus Cheesecake flavour = 89c
Lunch – total 141c
  • 50g avocado = 80c
  • chilli flakes = 0
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 50g cherry tomatoes = 9c
  • 40g carrot = 12c
Dinner- total 270c
  • Quinoa coconut stew = 270c
Fast Day total:  500c
Fast Day went ok, nothing much to report to be honest.  Lunch was tasty, as was dinner- I do like that if you pick the right things, you can have a very satisfying food day with just 500c.  Like my lunch was actually a decent portion of avo, would happily spread on 2 ryvita but I just piled it up on the one, and dinner was a decent bowlful too!

Now I just need to bring more of my fast day mentality into my feast days, they are still far too feasty, esp at the weekends!  The boyfriend isn’t allowed to have a drink until Christmas so am cutting down myself- only allowed a drink when I’m out or with friends, none at home when it’s just us.  Hopefully this will cut back on some cals.  Oh, skipping Halloween though, cos I’m making a newt eye punch with Cointreau in! 🙂  The boyf just gets OJ in his…. 😛

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