Fast Day 51: had to force down dinner, n not cos it was gross either!

Wed 20 Nov 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 97
  • 100g cherries = 63c
  • 100g cantaloupe (rock melon) = 34c
Lunch – total 110c
  • 100g carrot = 32c
  • 100g cucumber = 15c
  • 30g Arlingtons Thai Chilli Lime Hommos = 63c
Dinner – total 288c
  • Leftover (from frozen) coconut quinoa stew = 210c
  • Tamar Valley Greek yogurt – strawberry flavour 125g pot = 78c
Fast Day 51 Total = 495c
Was supposed to have had 200g cherries and 200g cucumber, but when it came to weighing it out/preparing my food that just seemed like too much.  100g of each seemed more than enough food.  My internal settings must be readjusting or something, cos I didn’t even bother to weigh out 200g,100 looked plenty!  Maybe I’ll have a yogurt or something for dessert later, cos I don’t know if being under cals all the time is a good idea, and I have been the last couple of fast days.  Not intentionally under, it’s just kind of happened, but I figure I prob shouldn’t make a habit of it.
Really wasn’t hungry, couldn’t have cared less about dinner except that I thought I should eat it.  Could have easily left half of it, but just shovelled in the rest because otherwise I’d be severely under cals again.  Also forced down a yogurt as was almost 100 under anyway even after a full bowl of dinner (total of 417c at the point), let alone if I’d skipped half of it.



Fast Day 50: Wohhhhhh way under cals today!

Break- 7.30am = 63c
  • 100g cherries = 63c
Dinner – roast veggies + dessert – 7pm = 302c
  • 312g pumpkin = 162c
  • 316g parsnip = 224c
  • 297g corgette = 47c
  • 397g aubergine = 95c
  • 19g garlic = 28c
  • 288g purple carrot = 92c
  • 226g red capsicum = 70c
  • 175g yellow capsicum = 70c
  • 142g red onion = 42c
  • 1 tableS olive oil = 40c
  • 1 tableS canola oil = 41c
  • 1 tableS balsamic vinegar = 13c
924c / 5 portions = 184c
  • Arlington’s Banana and Coconut Tapioca pudding – 100g = 118c
Fast Day 50 total – 365c
Wohhhhhh way under cals today, and I wasn’t even really hungry.  Was lazy again and hadn’t planned dinner cals until I cooked it, so was only going to have some veg sticks for lunch to make sure I was ok caloriewise for dinner, but in the end I didn’t feel that hungry and couldn’t be bothered to get up (from reading) just to chop up a bit of cucumber n carrot.  So I just skipped the lunch bit.  The 5:2 book says it’s good to have as long a break between eating as possible, so I think it’s ok to skip lunch sometimes, esp if you’re not particularly hungry like I wasn’t.
All the veg was from the farmers market (and the cherries too) we went to on Saturday so everything tasted delicious and fresh!  Loved the purple carrots, not had them before.  Did have to be a bit careful not to stain everything- they were a bit beetroot like in that respect- but they were good, will definitely get some again!
Did keep myself busy which probably distracted me from food, although to be honest I don’t think I really had any hunger pangs all day actually.  Had errands in the morning, got back about 11ish, then did chores for a bit n got the place sorted, then lots of reading in the afternoon- was a good day, and a successful Fast Day!

Fast Day 49:

Wed 13th Nov 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 174c

  • 1/6 portion coconut chia pudding – 77g = 108c
  • 8g chopped hazelnuts = 50c
  • 25g mango = 16c


Lunch – 1pm – total 89c

  • 47g cucumber = 7c
  • 41g cherry tomatoes = 7c
  • 108g carrot sticks = 34c
  • 121g cantaloupe (rock melon) = 41c


Dinner – coconut quinoa stew – total 210c

  • 19g shredded chicken = 20c
  • 67g tiny pieces lamb = 90c
  • Woolies Select can chickpeas = 342c
  • Woolies HB coconut milk = 260c
  • 381g sweet potato = 342
  • 278g kent pumpkin = 125c
  • 152g celery = 22c
  • 135g green pepper = 27c
  • 204g broccoli = 69c
  • 10g coconut oil = 85c
  • 5g garlic = 7c
  • 2g red chilli = 1c
  • 162g red onion = 48c
  • 78g carrot = 24c
  • can chopped tomatoes = 108c
  • 2/3 cup (120g) quinoa = 452c
  • 126g kidney beans = 139c
  • 115g spinach = 24c
  • 50g dessicated coconut = 341c

2526c / 12 portions = 210c

Fast Day 49 Total = 473c

Had a very light lunch today because I knew I was going to make the coconut quinoa thing for dinner, which I know is usually high in calories, and since I hadn’t cooked it in advance (had to calculate it all whilst it was simmering away!) I didn’t know quite how much it would be in the end.  Didn’t want to go over cals, so I just had veg sticks n some melon for lunch to be safe.  Was actually fairly filling though since they’re all high water content and lots of fibre.

Was hungry whilst cooking dinner, tum gurgling, but since I was eating in about half n hour or so it was perfectly manageable.  Again the boyfriend eating toast was rather torturous, but I survived.  Can’t really take it out on him, is me choosing to do this, so I just gotta lump it.  That or ban bread from the house! 😛


Fast Day 48: food didn’t seem very important today.

Mon 11 Nov 2013

Break – 7am – total 84c

  • Tamar Valley Greek yogurt- passionfruit flavour = 84c

EXERCISE- 1 hr Riding Lesson

Lunch -1.30pmish-  total 234c

  • Continental Cup-A-Soup – Sweet Potato & Bacon = 116c
  • 91g cherry tomatoes = 17c
  • 10g salted peanuts = 62c
  • 115g cantaloupe (rock melon) = 39c

Dinner – curry- total 131c

  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 92g celery = 13c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • 3 cherry tomatoes – 40g = 7c
  • 34g grated carrot = 10c
  • 10g Patak Rogan Josh curry paste = 24c
  • Curry spice = 0
  • can diet lemonade = 2c


Fast Day 48 Total = 449c

I had planned to put chickpeas, spinach and have cauliflower rice with dinner but I completely forgot, that’s why I’m so under calories today.  If I’d had time to recalculate I’d have added more curry paste as it was a bit bland, but never mind, it was filling and that was the main thing.

Was really tired in the afternoon, felt quite exhausted and even a bit feverish in the evening- but I think that was more to do with the hard exercise and getting drenched by the heavy rain on the way there and back than the fasting.  Plus I got soaked through Sunday morning feeding the horses as well.  All that rain made my limbs achey and wanting to snooze all afternoon!

Not much else to say about this Fast Day really, it wasn’t overly eventful with regards to food n hunger etc- food just didn’t seem very important today.  I think this is a good thing, seems like progress! 🙂


Fast Day 47: coconut oil isn’t always a good idea!

Saturday 9th Nov 2013

Break- 10am  total 151c

  • 54g coconut chia pudding = 71c
  • 53g blueberries = 30c
  • 8g chopped hazelnuts = 50c


Lunch – 2.30pm – total 85c

  • 300g lettuce = 30c
  • 5g coconut oil = 41c
  • 20ml oyster sauce = 32c
  • 20ml Amoy light soy sauce = 10c

114c x 75% (I didn’t eat all of it!) = 85c

Dinner – 7.30pm-ish – total 263c

  • TeaS canola oil = 41c
  • 183g frozen mix veg = 84c
  • 24g chickpeas = 31c
  • black pepper spice and fajita spice = 0c
  • 100g cauliflower “rice/couscous” = 25c
  • Tamar Valley Greek yog- raspberry flavour = 82c


Fast Day 47 Total – 499c

Was determined to do 2 Fast Days this week, so I had to do one at the weekend.  Thought it would be hard cos we were in all day, that the food in the cupboards would be calling to me (includes leftover Halloween goodies, oreos n Cherry Ripes!) but actually I found today really quite easy- wasn’t particularly hungry at all!  Perhaps due to my new Walking Dead obsession?

Had originally planned to have some of that gumbo thing for dinner but when I went to the fridge to reheat it, I discovered there was none left….. good job I wasn’t very hungry cos I then had to figure out what on earth to eat for dinner, and work out the cals again, which I had to do twice cos I thought I had more frozen mix veg left than I had.  Not a problem though, just meant that I got some dessert! 🙂

Can’t have been that hungry either cos I couldn’t finish my lunch.  It was stirfried lettuce, which sounds weird, but my one of my mates from China cooks it a lot and it’s usually really tasty, but I made the mistake of using coconut oil instead of regular oil, and I could taste the coconut and it was pretty gross.  I forced down three quarters of it but had to bin the rest.  Feel bad I wasted it, but it was kinda nasty 😦  Oh well, sometimes you experiment and it doesn’t always work out.  Lesson learnt- coconut oil taste can be overpowering in the wrong dish!

Fast Day 46: I’m back!

Wed 6 Nov 2013

Break – coconut chia pudding – total 136c

  • 400ml Woolworths Homebrand coconut milk = 260c
  • 3 tableS (27g) chia = 120c
  • ½ cup (40g) shredded coconut = 273c
  • teaS cinnamon = 0
  • teaS vanilla essence = 0

653c / 6 portion = 108c

  •  topped with 50g blueberries = 28c

Lunch – giant salad – total 191c

  • 10g spring onion = 3c
  • 88g grated carrot = 28c
  • 98g cherry tomatoes = 18c
  • 36g spinach = 7c
  • 4g coriander = 2c
  • 50g Woolies HB chickpeas = 66c
  • 15g red pepper = 4c
  • 11g green pepper = 2c
  • 170g iceberg lettuce = 17c
  • 117g cucumber = 17c
  • 20ml olive oil = 161c

308 / 2 portion = 154c

  • Plus 15g South Cape marinated goats feta = 37c

Dinner- Chorizo lentil gumbo – total 165c

  • 100g red lentils = 296c
  • 50g pearl barley = 63c
  • 400g can HB chopped tomatoes = 108c
  • 400g can HB kidney beans = 266c
  • 65g spring onion = 20c
  • 248g carrot = 79c
  • 236g sweet potato = 212c
  • 3g coriander = 1c
  • 18g garlic = 26c
  • 97g red pepper = 30c
  • 62g green pepper = 12c
  • 150g HB frozen peas = 141c
  • 127g Primo chorizo = 387c
  • 60g spinach = 12c

Total 1653 / 10 portions = 165c

Fast Day 46 total 492c




Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, what with my friend’s visit and Halloween.  Finally back to it though and I’m pleased to be back- feeling so bloated from all the food, will be good to get back on track with my weight loss as there has def been some weight gain with all the festivities.  Went swimming yesterday and I was worried I’d sink!!!

Must lose it all in time for Christmas so I can enjoy myself without worrying too much about it.  Have more friends visiting for Christmas, so it’s going to be all about the food and drink even more than normal, so I don’t think I’ll get any proper fasting done whilst they’re here.  They’re here from the 13th Dec till the 3rd Jan which is a long time, which is great as it’ll be so lovely to see them, but not really that great for the waistline or thighs!!!  :-S  When the friend who just visited was here I did try and fast all day till dinner a couple of times as a kind of makeshift fast, but it didn’t work very well as it meant I overate at dinner time/when I got in from work.  I could try it again and see if I’m any better?  Now I know what to expect?  We’ll see.  I can only do that for the first week they’re here anyways as I’ll be at work that week, but after that is Christmas week where it’d be impossible to Fast as we’ll be out and about doing the tourist thing and not eating would look weird!

I am rereading the 5:2 book to inspire and motivate me- it’s always a good refresher to remind yourself about all the other health benefits of fasting!  As well as get some more food ideas as there are recipes at the back- I really should try a few more of those!  Oh speaking of recipes, the coconut chia pudding thing is delicious, mega easy to make, and it makes a couple of days worth of breakies/desserts to keep in the fridge:

Coconut Chia Pudding

  • Can coconut milk
  • 3-4 tableS chia (original recipe says 4, but I ran out!)
  • ½ cup c 40g shredded coconut
  • Cinnamon, to taste (I put a whole teaS)
  • TeaS vanilla essence
  1. Put all ingredients in bowl and mix well.
  2. Put in fridge overnight
  3. The next day the chia will be all swollen up and pudding consistency- enjoy! J

I like mine topped with a bit of fruit such as berries or mango (YUM, coming into season now in Oz!) and some chopped up nuts such as hazelnuts, cashews, almonds- whichever’s in the cupboard.  The nuts adds a nice bit of crunch to the pudding- varying up the texture keeps things interesting.  On this particular fast day I didn’t have enough cals to add nuts this morning, but usually I would.


Hungry-bored, bored-hungry.  Either way, feel like I want to eat.  Won’t do, but want to, feeling the hunger pangs despite having had lunch.  Did have lunch a bit early, 12.40pm…. prob should start trying to push my lunch back again, as late as possible!


Am not gonna lie, this fast day felt hard, especially the evening!  Annoying bus journey home left me wanting toast with butter to cheer me up, but I couldn’t.  It wasn’t helped by the boyfriend constantly eating.  Like, your food is reheating in the microwave, is it necessary to have a snack to keep you going because you can’t wait the THREE MINUTES it takes to heat up???  And then have a bowl of  cereal after you’ve had dinner?  I was not a happy bunny.  But I did it, first one for a while was always going to feel a bit tough- they’ll get easier!