Fast Day 47: coconut oil isn’t always a good idea!

Saturday 9th Nov 2013

Break- 10am  total 151c

  • 54g coconut chia pudding = 71c
  • 53g blueberries = 30c
  • 8g chopped hazelnuts = 50c


Lunch – 2.30pm – total 85c

  • 300g lettuce = 30c
  • 5g coconut oil = 41c
  • 20ml oyster sauce = 32c
  • 20ml Amoy light soy sauce = 10c

114c x 75% (I didn’t eat all of it!) = 85c

Dinner – 7.30pm-ish – total 263c

  • TeaS canola oil = 41c
  • 183g frozen mix veg = 84c
  • 24g chickpeas = 31c
  • black pepper spice and fajita spice = 0c
  • 100g cauliflower “rice/couscous” = 25c
  • Tamar Valley Greek yog- raspberry flavour = 82c


Fast Day 47 Total – 499c

Was determined to do 2 Fast Days this week, so I had to do one at the weekend.  Thought it would be hard cos we were in all day, that the food in the cupboards would be calling to me (includes leftover Halloween goodies, oreos n Cherry Ripes!) but actually I found today really quite easy- wasn’t particularly hungry at all!  Perhaps due to my new Walking Dead obsession?

Had originally planned to have some of that gumbo thing for dinner but when I went to the fridge to reheat it, I discovered there was none left….. good job I wasn’t very hungry cos I then had to figure out what on earth to eat for dinner, and work out the cals again, which I had to do twice cos I thought I had more frozen mix veg left than I had.  Not a problem though, just meant that I got some dessert! 🙂

Can’t have been that hungry either cos I couldn’t finish my lunch.  It was stirfried lettuce, which sounds weird, but my one of my mates from China cooks it a lot and it’s usually really tasty, but I made the mistake of using coconut oil instead of regular oil, and I could taste the coconut and it was pretty gross.  I forced down three quarters of it but had to bin the rest.  Feel bad I wasted it, but it was kinda nasty 😦  Oh well, sometimes you experiment and it doesn’t always work out.  Lesson learnt- coconut oil taste can be overpowering in the wrong dish!


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