Fast Day 48: food didn’t seem very important today.

Mon 11 Nov 2013

Break – 7am – total 84c

  • Tamar Valley Greek yogurt- passionfruit flavour = 84c

EXERCISE- 1 hr Riding Lesson

Lunch -1.30pmish-  total 234c

  • Continental Cup-A-Soup – Sweet Potato & Bacon = 116c
  • 91g cherry tomatoes = 17c
  • 10g salted peanuts = 62c
  • 115g cantaloupe (rock melon) = 39c

Dinner – curry- total 131c

  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 92g celery = 13c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • 3 cherry tomatoes – 40g = 7c
  • 34g grated carrot = 10c
  • 10g Patak Rogan Josh curry paste = 24c
  • Curry spice = 0
  • can diet lemonade = 2c


Fast Day 48 Total = 449c

I had planned to put chickpeas, spinach and have cauliflower rice with dinner but I completely forgot, that’s why I’m so under calories today.  If I’d had time to recalculate I’d have added more curry paste as it was a bit bland, but never mind, it was filling and that was the main thing.

Was really tired in the afternoon, felt quite exhausted and even a bit feverish in the evening- but I think that was more to do with the hard exercise and getting drenched by the heavy rain on the way there and back than the fasting.  Plus I got soaked through Sunday morning feeding the horses as well.  All that rain made my limbs achey and wanting to snooze all afternoon!

Not much else to say about this Fast Day really, it wasn’t overly eventful with regards to food n hunger etc- food just didn’t seem very important today.  I think this is a good thing, seems like progress! 🙂



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