Fast Day 50: Wohhhhhh way under cals today!

Break- 7.30am = 63c
  • 100g cherries = 63c
Dinner – roast veggies + dessert – 7pm = 302c
  • 312g pumpkin = 162c
  • 316g parsnip = 224c
  • 297g corgette = 47c
  • 397g aubergine = 95c
  • 19g garlic = 28c
  • 288g purple carrot = 92c
  • 226g red capsicum = 70c
  • 175g yellow capsicum = 70c
  • 142g red onion = 42c
  • 1 tableS olive oil = 40c
  • 1 tableS canola oil = 41c
  • 1 tableS balsamic vinegar = 13c
924c / 5 portions = 184c
  • Arlington’s Banana and Coconut Tapioca pudding – 100g = 118c
Fast Day 50 total – 365c
Wohhhhhh way under cals today, and I wasn’t even really hungry.  Was lazy again and hadn’t planned dinner cals until I cooked it, so was only going to have some veg sticks for lunch to make sure I was ok caloriewise for dinner, but in the end I didn’t feel that hungry and couldn’t be bothered to get up (from reading) just to chop up a bit of cucumber n carrot.  So I just skipped the lunch bit.  The 5:2 book says it’s good to have as long a break between eating as possible, so I think it’s ok to skip lunch sometimes, esp if you’re not particularly hungry like I wasn’t.
All the veg was from the farmers market (and the cherries too) we went to on Saturday so everything tasted delicious and fresh!  Loved the purple carrots, not had them before.  Did have to be a bit careful not to stain everything- they were a bit beetroot like in that respect- but they were good, will definitely get some again!
Did keep myself busy which probably distracted me from food, although to be honest I don’t think I really had any hunger pangs all day actually.  Had errands in the morning, got back about 11ish, then did chores for a bit n got the place sorted, then lots of reading in the afternoon- was a good day, and a successful Fast Day!

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