Fast Day 51: had to force down dinner, n not cos it was gross either!

Wed 20 Nov 2013

Break – 6.15am – total 97
  • 100g cherries = 63c
  • 100g cantaloupe (rock melon) = 34c
Lunch – total 110c
  • 100g carrot = 32c
  • 100g cucumber = 15c
  • 30g Arlingtons Thai Chilli Lime Hommos = 63c
Dinner – total 288c
  • Leftover (from frozen) coconut quinoa stew = 210c
  • Tamar Valley Greek yogurt – strawberry flavour 125g pot = 78c
Fast Day 51 Total = 495c
Was supposed to have had 200g cherries and 200g cucumber, but when it came to weighing it out/preparing my food that just seemed like too much.  100g of each seemed more than enough food.  My internal settings must be readjusting or something, cos I didn’t even bother to weigh out 200g,100 looked plenty!  Maybe I’ll have a yogurt or something for dessert later, cos I don’t know if being under cals all the time is a good idea, and I have been the last couple of fast days.  Not intentionally under, it’s just kind of happened, but I figure I prob shouldn’t make a habit of it.
Really wasn’t hungry, couldn’t have cared less about dinner except that I thought I should eat it.  Could have easily left half of it, but just shovelled in the rest because otherwise I’d be severely under cals again.  Also forced down a yogurt as was almost 100 under anyway even after a full bowl of dinner (total of 417c at the point), let alone if I’d skipped half of it.



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