Fast Day 61: almost caved again!

Thurs 30 Jan 2014

Break- 6.15am – total 152c

  • 16g blueberries = 9c
  • 100g Chobani 2% fat Greek yog = 69c
  • 20g oat bran = 74c

Lunch – 1.45pm – brushetta/salsa on ryvita – total 127c

  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 4g spring onion = 1c
  • 89g cherry toms = 16c
  • 2g red chilli = 1c
  • 20g Red Rock Deli roasted red capsicum pecorino, cashew and basil dip = 69c

Dinner – 8.15pm – soup n cracker – total 218c

Pea n Pesto Soup

  • 375g frozen peas = 352c
  • 29g spring onion = 9c
  • 60g Leggo basil pesto = 147c
  • 1/2 teaS lime juice = 1c
  • 1/2 teaS salt =0
  • 750ml water = 0
  • 5g garlic = 7c
  • 92g celery = 13c

529 / 3 portions = 176

  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • can diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 61 Total = 497c

After yesterdays defeat I was determined to finish this fast day, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t feel hard!  When I got in I had to make (pastryless) quiche/frittatta type thing, and had some leftover dumpling wrappers, so I stirfried n whizzed up some veg and popped them in the oven after the quiche came out…. ah man the smell of the quiche…. so hard to resist!!  Green soup isn’t nearly so appealing as that, but I resisted, and the soup was actually quite tasty.

Feel better now I’ve had dinner too.  I prob left dinner a bit late cos I was looking at the other food I’d made and it was looking soooooooo tempting, but now I’ve eaten it’s all good.  The diet coke helped for when I got in from work- that’s one of my danger areas, and I knew something sweet would help tide me over and see me through the danger-zone!  It’s not ideal to be drinking fizzy drinks and all, but sometimes they can be useful!








Today was supposed to be a Fast Day, and instead I came home and made biscuits (Southern-style) instead….

SAM_6790 - Copy

Not made them before…. they didn’t rise as much as I’d have liked.  The recipe I had made a really wet mixture so I had to add loads more flour than the recipe said to be able to cut it into rounds so maybe that had something to do with it, am not sure.  They taste good though, kinda like scones, so they’re going with my pea and pesto soup for dinner!

Will attempt the Fast (for which the pea and pesto soup was my dinner!) again tomorrow or Friday.  That is a plus of the 5:2- if you don’t manage it one day, you got loads of other days in the week to get it done!

Fast Day 60:

Tues 20 Jan 2014

Break – 6.15am – total 97c

  • 100g Chobani 2% fat Greek yog = 69c
  • 50g blueberries = 28c

Lunch – total 111c

  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 30g Willowbrae chilli marinated goats feta = 58c
  • 41g carrot = 13c

EXERCISE:  30 min swim

Dinner – total 277c

  • 1/6 portion gumbo = 210
  • Chapati 1/16th portion = 65c
  • diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 60 Total = 485c

Gah, I just wrote this out n then for some reason it didn’t save and published an older version.  Poop.

Anywho’s, there wasn’t too much to talk about tbh.  Fast Day was alright.  Tired for my swim, but still managed 30 minutes so was ok, and had leftovers waiting for me when I got in, so I didn’t have to wait too long for food. 🙂

Fast Day 59: Nope, I still don’t like miso soup!

Mon 20th Jan 2014

Break- 6.45am – total 80c

  • Tamar Valley greek yogurt – 125g pot = 80c

Lunch – total 114c

  • 1/2 cup Miko Instant Miso Soup- Green Onion = 16c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 30g Willowbrae chilli marintated goats feta = 58c

Dinner – cajun gumbo + chapati – total 304c

  • can Homebrand chopped toms = 108c
  • can Annalisa butter beans = 314c
  • 100g lentils = 296c
  • 50g pearl barley =63c
  • 1 x beef oxo cube = 17c
  • 145g onion = 43c
  • 11g garlic = 16c
  • 100g frozen sweetcorn = 78c
  • 110g okra = 34c
  • 110g frozen mix veg = 46c
  • 100g frozen peas = 94c
  • 25g spring onion = 8c
  • 148g carrot = 47c
  • 147g courgette = 23c
  • 82g red pepper = 25c
  • 139g broccoli (inc stem/stalk, not just the head) = 47c
  • 4g red chilli = 1c
  • Spices:  black pepper, cajun spice, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, pinch cinnamon = 0

1260 / 6 portions = 210c

  • 200g wholemeal plain flour = 678c
  • 100g water = 0
  • 3 tableS canola oil = 365c

1043 / 8 portions = 130c / half (ie 16th portion) = 65c

  • diet coke = 2c
  • 40g grapes = 27c

Fast Day 59 total = 598

Didn’t feel overly hungry today, but I did have a little wobble at lunchtime.  Had a riding lesson in the morning, and when I came back it was lunch time, and I decided my low cal lunch would be miso soup.  This is the second time I’ve tried miso soup, and nope, still don’t like it, only managed half a cup…. then was like “arghhhh what do I eat!?” and was so tempted just to pig out cos I couldnt figure out something tasty and low cal.  Luckily I thought for 5 seconds, and realised the dinner I’d planned (gumbo) I’ve cooked LOADS before, so I looked on here for some gumbo days, and noticed they’re all under 300c, so I used 300c as a stand in for dinner (was wayyyyyyyyyyyy less in the end!) and worked out I had a decent enough amount of cals left over to have feta on ryvita for lunch- yum! 🙂  Am so pleased I didn’t flake out again like Friday, I’d have been so annoyed with myself.


Fast Day 58: 2nd attempt!

Sat 18th Jan 2014

Break – total 157c

  • 100g grapes = 69c
  • 250ml skim milk =88c

Lunch – falafel and salsa – total 134c


  • can Homebrand chickpeas = 316c
  • 3g garlic = 4c
  • 4g chilli = 1c
  • 14g spring onion = 4c
  • 3g coriander = 1c
  • 25ml canola oil = 202c
  • 5g wholemeal plain flour = 16c
  • spices – teaS cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper = 0

544 / 13 falafels = 41c each.

  • 3 falafels = 123c
  • 50g cherry toms = 9c
  • 2g chilli = 1c
  • 2g spring onions = 1c

Dinner – coconut quinoa stew – total 209c

  • 275g butternut squash = 123c
  • 1 x onion – 139g = 41c
  • 3 x garlic – 9g = 13c
  • 10g coconut oil = 85c
  • 2 x lamb sausages – 125g = 441c
  • 110g quinoa = 414c
  • can homebrand coconut milk = 260c
  • can homebrand chopped toms = 108c
  • can homebrand kidney beans = 266c
  • 39g mushrooms = 9c
  • 6g red chilli = 2c
  • 137g okra = 42c
  • 21g homebrand crunchy peanut butter = 128c
  • 116g red pepper = 35c
  • 100g sweetcorn = 78c
  • 152g broccoli = 51c
  • 5g coriander = 2c

2098 / 10 portions = 209c

Fast Day 58 total = 500c

Yeah, so this was my second attempt at this Fast Day!  First attempt was Friday, which kinda failed spectacularly when I arrived home from work hot and hungry, and devoured 2 slices of toast with salty butter, and then a bag of maltesers, and then when it got to dinner time my thought process was basically “what the hell, I’ve already ruined today I’ll have some wine too!”….  2 glasses….  this is why I hate Fasting on Fridays, it’s evil!  Weekend fasting isn’t overly fun either, but Friday is way worse, so instead of just having 1 Fast day this week I’m suckin it up and doing it today.

Had a bit of a cooking spree Thursday night- I made chapati’s too, but I didn’t have enough calories for a bit of everything (they weren’t too bad though, recipe made 8 pieces at 95c each), plus, well, we finished them off yesterday with dinner.  The recipe I found said you can dollop them with a splodge of jam and have them like pancakes too, so I could have had a piece for breakfast if we’d managed not to eat them all!  Definitely going to have to try it at some point.

It sure was nice to do a Fast Day and have something “proper” for lunch- recently it’s been all veg sticks, which fill you up but can lack the satisfaction factor.  Falafel, mmmm yum!  I was a bit silly when I made them and forgot the flour initially, so the first batch were kinda crumbly which was annoying, but when I realised my mistake I added a bit to the remaining mixture and they fried up much better the second batch.

Bout 3pmish had real cravings, almost jacked it in again, wanted to.  But I didn’t.  I made myself another pot of tea instead.  Have drunk a lotta tea today!!!  Including a delicious iced peppermint tea which was especially refreshing considering how hot it is out.  Sydney has been very lucky really, we’ve not had the 40+ temps that the rest of Australia’s been struggling with this last week or so, but it’s still hot enough to appreciate a nice cool drink!  🙂

To meal plan or not to meal plan?

I am bored of veg sticks on my fast days.


Am also fed up with spending a fortune at the super market and then worrying that we won’t eat everything before it goes bad.  Money is not abundant at the minute and we need to really cut back on the grocery bills because we spend a ridiculous amount of money on food considering we’re a 2 person household that is minus kids and minus pets!!  That said, the boyfriend is a distance runner and does eat enough food for 2 people all by himself…  But the weird thing is, I don’t think we do go particularly crazy at the super market, we’re not buying tonnes of extra crap every week, we buy most stuff the supermarket’s own brand- food prices are just high at the minute and it’s killing us, I mean, $3 for a mango, $1.50+ for a red pepper, really Woolworths!?!



So I don’t know how to cut back on what we buy- no more yogurts, meat or cheese?  We barely buy meat, I buy much less yogurt than I used to because of 5:2, and no cheese just sounds rubbish!  I know I sound like a bit of a princess here, but how do you stop cutting back turning into “feeling deprived”?  Such a middle class problem- we could cut our weekly food bill in half and that would still be WAY more money than a lot of people have.  1.2 billion people have to live on less than $1.25 USD (c. $2 AUD) a day ( and for more info), and here I am wondering how the hell to cut down to spending only $100 a week?  Kinda gross isn’t it, and yes I am ashamed.



I am thinking I might have to start meal planning each week….. sigh.  Does anyone else do this, is it good, does it work?  I have a number of concerns about doing this.  Firstly, how much of my time will meal planning suck up?  Going through every cupboard, writing down everything you have, and then the recipe books trying to figure out what to make with it…. it sounds like a gargantuan task!!!



Second, do you food plan for all 3 meals, or just lunch n dinner, or just dinner?



Third, how does meal planning fit in when one person is fasting and the other is not?  Cos it can be a struggle sometimes anyway!  Would it require figuring out all my fast day cals too at the start of the week whilst planning, weighing all the produce and splitting it up per meal and adding this info to the meal plan too?  Or just assign a meal, and hope on the day/day before when calculating cals that it’s not gonna be a hundred thousand calories or something, AND that it’ll be enough to feed me and the boyfriend?  OR do I plan 2 different dinners, 1 for me, 1 for the boyf?



How do other people save money on groceries?  Cos meal planning sounds hard and I am resisting even though I know I probably should do it!  Maybe I am over-thinking the whole thing.  Like, how hard is it to go “Monday lentil bolognese, Tuesday Leftover lentil bolognese, Wednesday falafels and salad, Thursday leftover falafel and salad, Friday veggie curry, Saturday leftover veggie curry, Sunday egg n beans on toast” or something like that?  Not very hard.  Hmmm, tricky.

Fast Day 57: “eating to live” rather than “living to eat” kinda day!


Had a fab Birthday weekend, with much eating and drinking, plus a free Chaka  Khan concert which was quite fun!  Ps these dynamite candles are the best, they spark a bit like sparklers and relight- sooooo much fun! 🙂


Tues 14 Jan 2014

Break 6.15am – total 66c

  • 87g strawberries = 27c
  • 80g naval orange = 39c

Lunch – 12.45pm – total 125c

  • 110g carrot sticks = 35c
  • 55g cucumber = 8c
  • 75g cherry toms = 14c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 5g sunflower seeds = 28c

Dinner – veggie curry – total 260c

  • 152g okra = 47c
  • 120g cherry toms = 22c
  • 51g mushroom = 12c
  • 12g garlic = 17c
  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 50g Patak Rogan Josh paste = 121c
  • 70g grapes = 48c

Fast Day 57 total:  499c

For a change I actually chopped, weighed and worked out my cals for dinner last night, so instead of working it out on the fly this evening, I could literally just bung it in a saucepan and cook it- was awesome!  There was probably too much curry paste, could have used less, but oh well, that’s not something I could know until I ate it- hopefully I’ll remember this next time I make  a curry!

Was looking forward to lunch, but I think more for the break from work than because I was particularly hungry.  Also, lunch was fairly uninspiring, mostly raw veggies, so it wasn’t overly exciting- more sustenance than anything else.  Was definitely an “eating to live” rather than “living to eat” lunch.  Hey ho, was easy, didn’t take much by way of preparation, and it was super healthy.  A good detox day after the bday celebrations!