Fast Day 53: back on the horse!

Saturday 4 Jan 2014

Lunch -1.40pm – avo on ryvita plus coconut chia pudding – total 184c

  • 1 ryvita = 40c
  • 40g mashed up avocado with chilli flakes (v generous helping on 1 ryvita) = 64c

Coconut Chia pudding

  • 400ml can Woolies Homebrand coconut milk = 260c
  • 4 tableS chia – 52g = 232c
  • 40g dessicated coconut = 273c
  • pinch cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg = 0

765 / 8 portions = 95c / 2 = 47.5c

  • 100g mango = 65c / 2 = 32.5

Dinner – ricepaper rolls & coconut chia pudding- total 300c

  • Starter = 40g Woolworths turkey breast portion- smoked  = 50c
  • 80g cucumber = 12c
  • 56g carrot = 17c
  • 45g red pepper = 13c
  • 40g yellow pepper = 10c
  • 7g coriander = 3c
  • 59g beansprouts = 11c
  • 50g mushrooms = 12c
  • 3 large ricepapers = 27c
  • tableS chilli oil = 40c
  • 20ml Kikkomal reduced salt soy sauce = 25c
  • Coconut chia pudding topped with mango- the other half! = 80c

Fast Day 53 Total:  484c

Think the excess of Christmas has made this first Fast Day back really easy as just so stuffed n bloated after all the festivities, so really wasn’t very hungry at all!  Apologies for the confusingness with the chia pudding, was supposed to have had it for breakfast, but got up late, had to work out my cals, did a load of other stuff, then figured out the cals by which point it was about 10.30am and I wasn’t hungry anyways so decided not to bother, and just to split it between lunch and dinner.  Was nice, had a little lunchtime dessert as well as a dinner one. 🙂

It’s my 30th Birthday next week.  At the start of this blog I set out that by my 30th birthday I would be slim and fabulous, and sadly I am not remotely near my ideal “slim and fabulous” weight, but with a couple of fast days between now and then I am at least hoping to lose some of the Christmas bloat so that I feel a bit more comfortable in my clothes again!  Everything I have is now just that little bit tight and I’m feeling uncomfortable, but hopefully I’ll lose some water weight this week and feel a bit better by then.  Am also chugging peppermint and nettle tea to help deal with water retention.  Plan to get on the exercise bike tomorrow too, do a few crunches n squats, so that’ll help me feel better psychologically, cos along with all the eating the exercise went completely out the window this December!!!!!!!!!! :-S


Just had my dinner, was yum and v filling.  Actually had to reduce the amount of veg I’d originally planned to have cos it was too much, so I got to have a sneaky portion of smoked turkey as a starter! 🙂  Didn’t feel too hungry today except just before dinner, so that worked out well!  In the afternoon about 4pmish I did have a slight “mmm, bit of chocolate would be nice” moment, but it was blatantly a hangover from Christmas though cos I checked with my stomach and it wasn’t hungry, so I carried on with what I was doing and didn’t think much about it, so all in all was a good first fast day!



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