Fast Day 54: detox and declutter!

Sunday 5th Jan 2014

Break- coconut chia pudding – total 187c

  • 100g coconut chia pudding = 155
  • 100g strawberries = 32c

Lunch – total 195c

  • 74g avo = 118c
  • 1 x Vitawheat Lunchslice – Mixed Grain & Sesame = 77c

Dinner- stirfry – total 118c

  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 40g Woolies smoked turkey breast portion = 50c
  • 80g broccoli = 27c

Fast Day 54 Total = 500c

Decided to do another fast day straight away, like a kick start detox style thing, just to get me back on track.  Tomorrow (Monday) will be a Feast day, and then if all goes to plan next week I’ll fast Tuesday and Wednesday.  It seems a bit extreme, fasting 2 days, feast one, then fasting another 2- but technically it’s still only 2 days per week, they just happen to be a bit close together this time!  After this week I’ll space them out a bit more evenly as I don’t usually like fasting 2 days in a row!

Took all the Christmas decorations today which is kinda sad- it’s all over again for another year. 😦  But after tidying up the Christmas stuff I had a bit of a tidying/feng shui attack cos I ended up going through almost the entire apartment sorting stuff out- cupboards, drawers, bookshelves, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards- had a real declutter, so the place is actually looking quite fabulous again, albeit minus the tinsel!  Another plus being that I was so busy maniacally detoxing the apartment that I wasn’t hungry in the slightest- bonus! 😛


2 responses to “Fast Day 54: detox and declutter!

    • Usually pretty good- after a week or so of getting used to the fasting I started exercising on Fast Days and it’s really not a problem. Usually Fast Tuesdays and swim for 30-45 mins after work, and then I’d Fast on Thursday and run after work- 5k- with a social running club. Often would do my best runs on a fast day!

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