Fast Day 55: rather jiggly in my bikini (and not in a good way)!

Tues 7th Jan 2014

Break- 6.15am – total 155c

  • Tamar Valley Greek yog pot – exotic fruit = 155c

Lunch – total 120c

  • Homemade mini polenta muffin = 120c

Veggies that I had half at lunch, half at dinner – total 53c

  • 93g cherry tomatoes = 17c
  • 89g carrot (1 carrot) = 28c
  • 55g cucumber = 8c

EXERCISE:  30 mins swim.

Dinner total – 170c

  • Vitawheat lunch slice – Mixed grain = 77c
  • 50g avo = 80c
  • 20g red grapes = 13c

Fast Day 55 Total = 498c

I know I shouldn’t have been looking through my cake book this close to Christmas, but I’m having a Birthday picnic at the weekend and as one of my friends got me some cute cupcake cases and sparkly edible glitter for Christmas I thought I’d make some cupcakes for it using my cute new cake stuff.  Whilst looking for the perfect recipe for the weekend, I found this savoury polenta muffin recipe that I thought I’d try out since we were having gumbo last night for dinner and they’d go perfectly!  Double perfect in that the recipe called for buttermilk, and when I looked up a buttermilk substitute it said you can use sour cream (you can also use milk and lemon juice or vinegar too btw)!  The reason this is awesome is that for some bizarre reason over Christmas we bought 3 tubs of sour cream- one of which was used in potato salad but I had no idea what to do with the other two tubs!!!

Anywhos, they’re delicious, but when made into 24 mini muffins they are quite mini, so I bulked them up with the extra raw veggies.  I’ve actually already added the recipe on here yesterday, so all the breakdown on individual ingredients is on that page.  You could definitely make the muffins bigger if you’d prefer, I just wasn;t sure how much they’d rise (not lots), so next time I’ll know it’s ok to fill the muffin cases to the top, although of course that would make the calories much higher per muffin.

Today’s fasting was alright- so busy at work catching up on everything (first day back after Xmas – urgh!) that I didn’t have too much time to think about food really.  Went swimming after work too, did about 30 mins.  Gonna ache tomorrow as I don’t think I did much exercise at all the entire December…. it’ll be good ache though so that’s ok! 🙂  Was rather jiggly in my bikini (and not in a good way), but hopefully shouldn’t take too long before I’m a bit firmer and leaner again.  Hopefully getting back to what I was before Christmas won’t take too long, and then after that, I don’t know how long it will take, but I’ll get there!




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