Fast Day 56: is cup-a-soup less bad if you eat it out of a bowl?

Wed 8 Jan 2014

Break – 6.15am – total 121c

  • 250ml skim milk = 88c
  • 50g mango = 33c

Lunch – total 136c

  • 50g avo = 80c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • chilli flakes = 0c
  • 50g carrot veg sticks = 16c

Dinner – total 243c

  • Continental Cup-A-Soup – Dutch Curry = 123c
  • 1 x polenta mini muffin = 123c

Fast Day 56 Total = 500c

Apologies for the lack of nutritional value to dinner.  Well, the polenta muffin’s ok, I added veg, and wholegrain flour, but the cup-a-soup…. ok, sue me, I quite like them, it’s like a naughty but nice thing, like trashy cheapo noodles- I try not to eat them, but every now and then one just hits the spot! 😛  Anyways, I had one in the cupboard, and am trying to be thrifty and use things up rather than buying.  I at least ate it out of a bowl with a spoon instead of a cup! 😛  My basic reasoning behind this dinner was it’s easy, and comforting, and feels slightly naughty, which at the end of my 4th fast day in 5 days, I thought might be just what’s needed!  Just incase I’m feeling deprived or something, it’s something slightly trashy but without too much of the guilt cos there’s not many calories.  Plus, soup = filling.


Yup, I was right, this evening felt hard work with the Fasting, but I managed not to eat anything extra despite wanting to stuff my face, so yay me!


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