Fast Day 57: “eating to live” rather than “living to eat” kinda day!


Had a fab Birthday weekend, with much eating and drinking, plus a free Chaka  Khan concert which was quite fun!  Ps these dynamite candles are the best, they spark a bit like sparklers and relight- sooooo much fun! 🙂


Tues 14 Jan 2014

Break 6.15am – total 66c

  • 87g strawberries = 27c
  • 80g naval orange = 39c

Lunch – 12.45pm – total 125c

  • 110g carrot sticks = 35c
  • 55g cucumber = 8c
  • 75g cherry toms = 14c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 5g sunflower seeds = 28c

Dinner – veggie curry – total 260c

  • 152g okra = 47c
  • 120g cherry toms = 22c
  • 51g mushroom = 12c
  • 12g garlic = 17c
  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 50g Patak Rogan Josh paste = 121c
  • 70g grapes = 48c

Fast Day 57 total:  499c

For a change I actually chopped, weighed and worked out my cals for dinner last night, so instead of working it out on the fly this evening, I could literally just bung it in a saucepan and cook it- was awesome!  There was probably too much curry paste, could have used less, but oh well, that’s not something I could know until I ate it- hopefully I’ll remember this next time I make  a curry!

Was looking forward to lunch, but I think more for the break from work than because I was particularly hungry.  Also, lunch was fairly uninspiring, mostly raw veggies, so it wasn’t overly exciting- more sustenance than anything else.  Was definitely an “eating to live” rather than “living to eat” lunch.  Hey ho, was easy, didn’t take much by way of preparation, and it was super healthy.  A good detox day after the bday celebrations!


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