To meal plan or not to meal plan?

I am bored of veg sticks on my fast days.


Am also fed up with spending a fortune at the super market and then worrying that we won’t eat everything before it goes bad.  Money is not abundant at the minute and we need to really cut back on the grocery bills because we spend a ridiculous amount of money on food considering we’re a 2 person household that is minus kids and minus pets!!  That said, the boyfriend is a distance runner and does eat enough food for 2 people all by himself…  But the weird thing is, I don’t think we do go particularly crazy at the super market, we’re not buying tonnes of extra crap every week, we buy most stuff the supermarket’s own brand- food prices are just high at the minute and it’s killing us, I mean, $3 for a mango, $1.50+ for a red pepper, really Woolworths!?!



So I don’t know how to cut back on what we buy- no more yogurts, meat or cheese?  We barely buy meat, I buy much less yogurt than I used to because of 5:2, and no cheese just sounds rubbish!  I know I sound like a bit of a princess here, but how do you stop cutting back turning into “feeling deprived”?  Such a middle class problem- we could cut our weekly food bill in half and that would still be WAY more money than a lot of people have.  1.2 billion people have to live on less than $1.25 USD (c. $2 AUD) a day ( and for more info), and here I am wondering how the hell to cut down to spending only $100 a week?  Kinda gross isn’t it, and yes I am ashamed.



I am thinking I might have to start meal planning each week….. sigh.  Does anyone else do this, is it good, does it work?  I have a number of concerns about doing this.  Firstly, how much of my time will meal planning suck up?  Going through every cupboard, writing down everything you have, and then the recipe books trying to figure out what to make with it…. it sounds like a gargantuan task!!!



Second, do you food plan for all 3 meals, or just lunch n dinner, or just dinner?



Third, how does meal planning fit in when one person is fasting and the other is not?  Cos it can be a struggle sometimes anyway!  Would it require figuring out all my fast day cals too at the start of the week whilst planning, weighing all the produce and splitting it up per meal and adding this info to the meal plan too?  Or just assign a meal, and hope on the day/day before when calculating cals that it’s not gonna be a hundred thousand calories or something, AND that it’ll be enough to feed me and the boyfriend?  OR do I plan 2 different dinners, 1 for me, 1 for the boyf?



How do other people save money on groceries?  Cos meal planning sounds hard and I am resisting even though I know I probably should do it!  Maybe I am over-thinking the whole thing.  Like, how hard is it to go “Monday lentil bolognese, Tuesday Leftover lentil bolognese, Wednesday falafels and salad, Thursday leftover falafel and salad, Friday veggie curry, Saturday leftover veggie curry, Sunday egg n beans on toast” or something like that?  Not very hard.  Hmmm, tricky.


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