Fast Day 58: 2nd attempt!

Sat 18th Jan 2014

Break – total 157c

  • 100g grapes = 69c
  • 250ml skim milk =88c

Lunch – falafel and salsa – total 134c


  • can Homebrand chickpeas = 316c
  • 3g garlic = 4c
  • 4g chilli = 1c
  • 14g spring onion = 4c
  • 3g coriander = 1c
  • 25ml canola oil = 202c
  • 5g wholemeal plain flour = 16c
  • spices – teaS cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper = 0

544 / 13 falafels = 41c each.

  • 3 falafels = 123c
  • 50g cherry toms = 9c
  • 2g chilli = 1c
  • 2g spring onions = 1c

Dinner – coconut quinoa stew – total 209c

  • 275g butternut squash = 123c
  • 1 x onion – 139g = 41c
  • 3 x garlic – 9g = 13c
  • 10g coconut oil = 85c
  • 2 x lamb sausages – 125g = 441c
  • 110g quinoa = 414c
  • can homebrand coconut milk = 260c
  • can homebrand chopped toms = 108c
  • can homebrand kidney beans = 266c
  • 39g mushrooms = 9c
  • 6g red chilli = 2c
  • 137g okra = 42c
  • 21g homebrand crunchy peanut butter = 128c
  • 116g red pepper = 35c
  • 100g sweetcorn = 78c
  • 152g broccoli = 51c
  • 5g coriander = 2c

2098 / 10 portions = 209c

Fast Day 58 total = 500c

Yeah, so this was my second attempt at this Fast Day!  First attempt was Friday, which kinda failed spectacularly when I arrived home from work hot and hungry, and devoured 2 slices of toast with salty butter, and then a bag of maltesers, and then when it got to dinner time my thought process was basically “what the hell, I’ve already ruined today I’ll have some wine too!”….  2 glasses….  this is why I hate Fasting on Fridays, it’s evil!  Weekend fasting isn’t overly fun either, but Friday is way worse, so instead of just having 1 Fast day this week I’m suckin it up and doing it today.

Had a bit of a cooking spree Thursday night- I made chapati’s too, but I didn’t have enough calories for a bit of everything (they weren’t too bad though, recipe made 8 pieces at 95c each), plus, well, we finished them off yesterday with dinner.  The recipe I found said you can dollop them with a splodge of jam and have them like pancakes too, so I could have had a piece for breakfast if we’d managed not to eat them all!  Definitely going to have to try it at some point.

It sure was nice to do a Fast Day and have something “proper” for lunch- recently it’s been all veg sticks, which fill you up but can lack the satisfaction factor.  Falafel, mmmm yum!  I was a bit silly when I made them and forgot the flour initially, so the first batch were kinda crumbly which was annoying, but when I realised my mistake I added a bit to the remaining mixture and they fried up much better the second batch.

Bout 3pmish had real cravings, almost jacked it in again, wanted to.  But I didn’t.  I made myself another pot of tea instead.  Have drunk a lotta tea today!!!  Including a delicious iced peppermint tea which was especially refreshing considering how hot it is out.  Sydney has been very lucky really, we’ve not had the 40+ temps that the rest of Australia’s been struggling with this last week or so, but it’s still hot enough to appreciate a nice cool drink!  🙂


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