Fast Day 59: Nope, I still don’t like miso soup!

Mon 20th Jan 2014

Break- 6.45am – total 80c

  • Tamar Valley greek yogurt – 125g pot = 80c

Lunch – total 114c

  • 1/2 cup Miko Instant Miso Soup- Green Onion = 16c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 30g Willowbrae chilli marintated goats feta = 58c

Dinner – cajun gumbo + chapati – total 304c

  • can Homebrand chopped toms = 108c
  • can Annalisa butter beans = 314c
  • 100g lentils = 296c
  • 50g pearl barley =63c
  • 1 x beef oxo cube = 17c
  • 145g onion = 43c
  • 11g garlic = 16c
  • 100g frozen sweetcorn = 78c
  • 110g okra = 34c
  • 110g frozen mix veg = 46c
  • 100g frozen peas = 94c
  • 25g spring onion = 8c
  • 148g carrot = 47c
  • 147g courgette = 23c
  • 82g red pepper = 25c
  • 139g broccoli (inc stem/stalk, not just the head) = 47c
  • 4g red chilli = 1c
  • Spices:  black pepper, cajun spice, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, pinch cinnamon = 0

1260 / 6 portions = 210c

  • 200g wholemeal plain flour = 678c
  • 100g water = 0
  • 3 tableS canola oil = 365c

1043 / 8 portions = 130c / half (ie 16th portion) = 65c

  • diet coke = 2c
  • 40g grapes = 27c

Fast Day 59 total = 598

Didn’t feel overly hungry today, but I did have a little wobble at lunchtime.  Had a riding lesson in the morning, and when I came back it was lunch time, and I decided my low cal lunch would be miso soup.  This is the second time I’ve tried miso soup, and nope, still don’t like it, only managed half a cup…. then was like “arghhhh what do I eat!?” and was so tempted just to pig out cos I couldnt figure out something tasty and low cal.  Luckily I thought for 5 seconds, and realised the dinner I’d planned (gumbo) I’ve cooked LOADS before, so I looked on here for some gumbo days, and noticed they’re all under 300c, so I used 300c as a stand in for dinner (was wayyyyyyyyyyyy less in the end!) and worked out I had a decent enough amount of cals left over to have feta on ryvita for lunch- yum! 🙂  Am so pleased I didn’t flake out again like Friday, I’d have been so annoyed with myself.



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