Fast Day 61: almost caved again!

Thurs 30 Jan 2014

Break- 6.15am – total 152c

  • 16g blueberries = 9c
  • 100g Chobani 2% fat Greek yog = 69c
  • 20g oat bran = 74c

Lunch – 1.45pm – brushetta/salsa on ryvita – total 127c

  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 4g spring onion = 1c
  • 89g cherry toms = 16c
  • 2g red chilli = 1c
  • 20g Red Rock Deli roasted red capsicum pecorino, cashew and basil dip = 69c

Dinner – 8.15pm – soup n cracker – total 218c

Pea n Pesto Soup

  • 375g frozen peas = 352c
  • 29g spring onion = 9c
  • 60g Leggo basil pesto = 147c
  • 1/2 teaS lime juice = 1c
  • 1/2 teaS salt =0
  • 750ml water = 0
  • 5g garlic = 7c
  • 92g celery = 13c

529 / 3 portions = 176

  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • can diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 61 Total = 497c

After yesterdays defeat I was determined to finish this fast day, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t feel hard!  When I got in I had to make (pastryless) quiche/frittatta type thing, and had some leftover dumpling wrappers, so I stirfried n whizzed up some veg and popped them in the oven after the quiche came out…. ah man the smell of the quiche…. so hard to resist!!  Green soup isn’t nearly so appealing as that, but I resisted, and the soup was actually quite tasty.

Feel better now I’ve had dinner too.  I prob left dinner a bit late cos I was looking at the other food I’d made and it was looking soooooooo tempting, but now I’ve eaten it’s all good.  The diet coke helped for when I got in from work- that’s one of my danger areas, and I knew something sweet would help tide me over and see me through the danger-zone!  It’s not ideal to be drinking fizzy drinks and all, but sometimes they can be useful!







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