Fast Day 66: food = small but tasty!

Tues 18 Feb 2014
Break – 6.15am – total 118c
  • Tamar Valley Greek yog – passionfruit = 84c
  • 50g red grapes = 34c
Lunch – beany salsa soup – total 204
  • 63g Woolworths Select Salsa – medium spice = 29c
  • 95g cooked black beans = 125c
  • 18g spring onion = 5c
  • 5g chilli = 2c
  • 1 cup homemade chicken stock (had to look up average cals of homemade stock) = 86c
  • 7g frozen corn = 5c
  • 7g garlic = 10c
  • 5g pork fat (used butter cals) = 35c
297 / 2 portions = 148c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 85g cherry toms = 16c

EXERCISE:  1 hr 25 min walk

Dinner – risotto – total 170c
  • 15ml tableS canola = 122c
  • 1.5 cups (265g) arborio rice = 1113c
  • 192g lemon chicken sausages (had to look up chicken sausage ave cals) = 330c
  • 2 cups chicken stock with 1.5L water = 172c
  • 189g broccoli = 64c
  • 65g zucchini = 10c
  • 144g red pepper = 44c
  • 186g carrot = 59c
  • 27g spring onion = 8c
  • 5g red chilli = 2c
  • 17g garlic = 25c
  • 33g South Cape  Camembert = 99c
2048 / 12 portions = 170c
  • Diet coke 250ml = 1c

Fast Day 66 total = 493c

Tasty foods today but smallish portions, so hopefully I’ll survive the day.  Lunch and dinner should be quite satisfying though as it’s not like it’s just lettuce leaves or anything like that, so should be alright- will just have to make sure to eat slowly and consciously enjoy each bite!
I made chicken stock on Sunday.  The boyfriend surprised me on Friday with an indoor picnic for Valentines Day and had bought us a few tasty treats including one of those roast chickens you can buy from the supermarket- super yummy, and I was quite pleased to have a night off from the cooking tbh!  Meal plan/not spending money be damned!! 😛  Anyways, so on Sunday I used the chicken carcass to make a stock.  I had my bag of veg scraps in the freezer designated for “stock” (containing carrot, onion, celery, some sage) so I added them to the mix with some bay leaves and a few peppercorns (5 to be precise)- very thrifty!  Simmered away for about 3 hours.  It wasn’t the whole “crystal clear amber liquid” they tell you is the holy grail of stock making- was a bit cloudy, but as it’s only stock to go in stuff I’m really not fussed about that.  It jellified overnight, which a good stock is supposed to do, so I count that as a success!  Haha, the first time I ever made stock this happened and I was like “wtf did I do wrong!?”  I might even have chucked out the jellified goodness not realising that was how it’s supposed to be.  Did not make that mistake this time!  Used my stock for the soup and for the risotto, which kinda used it all up- risotto uses a lotta stock- but that’s ok cos there’s not much room left in the freezer so prob wouldn’t have had anywhere to put it anyway!  We are working our way through freezer food to try and combat this problem…. though to be fair we don’t have a v big freezer so it fills up quick! 😦  Not that I need encouragement to put more stuff in our freezer, but if you have some bones but not enough to make stock with there n then, you can freeze the bones until you accumulate enough to use.  I only discovered this at the weekend when I did a bit of stock-making research- handy tip to know!
Lunch was delicious, and I was right- the filling satisfyingness of the soup more than made up for quantity.  Anyways, it had beans in so it was actually filling too!  I think the homemade stock made all the difference! 😛
Anyways, also on Sunday I managed to rescue 2 rather sorry looking banana’s and made banana bread with sultana’s and cashews- yum!  Note to self though- if it calls for yogurt and you’ve been told you can substitute buttermilk, but you’re out of actual milk, don’t then substitute it with powdered milk… is a step too far removed!  Very tasty still but it did give the outside a slightly rubbery texture!!! 😛
Sadly we did not eat all the polenta muffins in time-  its been v humid here this last week and when we went to have a few on Friday we discovered they were growing mould, so we had to chuck about 6 in the bin.  Very upsetting after all the effort I’ve been going through to improve thriftiness and money-saving! 😦  There was no room in the freezer, but they should have been put in the fridge at least- booooooooooooo- lesson learnt!
Usually try and swim Tuesday evenings, but me n my mate went for a walk in the National Park near my house instead and it was so nice, really enjoyed it, walking and chatting and watching out for water dragons!  Ended up walking for an hour n 25 mins, so that was pretty good- would definitely do this again! 🙂

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