Happy New Year!

Saturday 4th Jan 2014

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 11lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb

Post-Christmas weigh-in- never a fun thing after all the eating and drinking, and as predicted I did put on quite a few pounds!  On a plus side, I didn’t breach the 10 stone barrier like I thought I would, not too far off mind, but just enough under that it feels a little less daunting to start taking the pounds back off again.

Below are some of the delicious food and beverages I enjoyed this festive season, which I hope makes other peeps feel not too bad about their Christmas intake!  I say you gotta live your life and enjoy it- there was no way I was gonna be able to diet whilst my friends were staying, esp since they were staying at Christmas, so I enjoyed every mouthful, and now it’s time to get back on track and take up my 5:2 again!


Peachy margarita at the Opera Bar!

SAM_5411 SAM_5487

Another wine tour! 🙂

SAM_5461 SAM_5580

Tropical cocktail with cointreau and tapioca pearls- bubble cocktail anyone?  This was Christmas Day, to go with our immense BBQ!


Gingerbread spiced cheesecake (seriously yum!!) and sparkly Christmas Cake!  Who doesn’t love sparkly cake?


Apple Dumplings- had a load of gow gee dumpling wrappers I needed to use before they went past their use-by, so I experimented!  Filling was chopped up pink lady apples, 2 nectarines, handful of sultanas, some boozy strawberry syrup, all bubbled on stove with cinnamon n ginger till it reduced- was so good hot and cold!


Mexican tartlets- more gow gee wrappers!  Used up leftover fajita filling, topped with some grated cheese- in oven for 10 mins in a muffin tin- awesomeness!


Early Birthday drink- Long Island Ice tea- lethal as it didn’t taste alcoholic but was so much it didn’t all fit into my glass, hence that little one behind it!!!

So, feeling better?  Good! 😀


And we’re back to the drawing board!





Monday 14th October

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb


Yep, that is correct.  When I stepped on the scales this morning I discovered I am right back where I started- 9 stone 8lb.  I’ve had a friend visiting from the UK this last two weeks (gone home now 😦 ) which is where most of this weight gain is from.  Holidays are all about the eating and drinking and I embraced this with gusto!  The picture above?  The most divinely creamy Grand Marnier creme brulee with blood orange sorbet and little wafer biscuits- omg it was amazing!!!!!!!!  Below left?  Cocktails after a trip to the beach.  Below right?  Hunter Valley wine tasting tour!


SAM_5001 SAM_4954


I’m not going to kid myself and entirely blame the 2 weeks my friend was here.  There has been too much weekend eating, and too much weekend drinking going on in general, and I need to cut wayyyyyy back on both these things now so that I feel more comfortable with myself by Christmas.  It’s going to be a scorching summer here in Sydney (we’ve already had a 37 degrees day in OCTOBER- and they say there’s no such thing as global warming!!!!) and I don’t want to embarrassed about my body every time I wear shorts or a bikini, so I am all about getting my act together now.  Bring it on!!



Fast Day 32: meltdown….

Wed 4th Sept 2013

Break – 48c

  • 150g strawberries = 48c


Lunch – 182c

  • Woolworths Skinny Soup 300g pot- Tomato, lentil and bacon = 182c

Dinner – chicken and broccoli stirfry – total 268c

  • teaS olive oil = 40c
  • 196g chicken = 215c
  • 40g broccoli = 13c

Fast Day 32 total = 498c


Laziness last night- was supposed to make some veggie fritters but I got in late from seeing a friend (and my bus being 15 mins late!), so by the time I arrived home I just couldn’t be bothered to cook or plan very much for today’s fast day!  Luckily I had one last soup in the fridge, and took a chicken breast from the freezer.  Will be stir-frying it with a bit of broccoli, and either fajita spice or Cajun spice.  Should be tasty and filling because of the protein.

Also, am doing boot camp with the boyfriend after work- think squats, lunges, crunches, burpees etc with 200m runs as the “break”!- so protein will prob be good for my aching muscles!  It’ll definitely taste more satisfying than just veg by itself I think.


Thurs 5 Sept 2013.


Ok, so I had a bit of a meltdown last night.  Felt v hungry during the afternoon, whether emotional hunger or actual I couldn’t say.  My legs were tired n achey from riding lesson Monday.


Was supposed to be doing boot camp with the boyfriend when I got in- it had even been my idea in fact.  Instead what happened was that by the time I got home I didn’t want to go, and then felt bad and guilty about not wanting to go, and worked myself to the verge of tears about it as I was umming and ahhing about whether I should go or not.  Meanwhile, daylight was slipping away.  In the end, the boyfriend had to go without me as I felt on the verge of hyperventilating and it’d soon be too dark.  After 5 minutes or so I’d calmed down, I thought I might pop to the park to join him, but then was worried it’d annoy him further by disrupting his work out again, so I hid under the duvet. All evening.  If the boyfriend hadn’t decided he was going to cook my dinner for me I don’t think I’d have even bothered to have any dinner at all.


I hate when I do this.  If I’d have just gone, we’d have done the exercise in 45 minutes and then I would have had a nice evening, and felt good about myself.  Instead, I felt like sh*t.  I want to lose weight and tone up, but I can’t stop eating and have to force myself to exercise because I don’t particularly enjoy it- therein lies the problem.  I wonder if I’m ever going to have the body that I want, if I don’t have it yet at almost 30 am I ever going to be happy with it- will I ever have any body confidence?  Ugh, what a waste of time, hating on yourself your entire life because of a few rogue pounds.  Esp cos I know that when I am old and look back at photos I’m going to see that I am actually slim, and I’m going to kick myself for being such an idiot and wasting my youth worrying about being “fat” when my sane brain knows that I’m not.


And then I weighed myself this morning and it said 9 stone 2lb.  Since my last posted weigh in I had put on some more weight, but it appears to have come off again now.  Although I feel pretty blobby still, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost anything.  Just feels like a random number on the scales at this point- it hurts my brain! :-S



  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last weigh in:  9 stone 3 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 2 lb
  • Weight loss = 1 lb
  • Weight GAIN = 0lb
  • Weight loss total = 6 lb

Weigh in:not a shock.

Wed 21st Aug 2013

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 1 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 3 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  0 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 2 lb
  • Weight loss total = 5 lb

I was expecting this, so it wasn’t much of a shock or disappointment.  Is my TOTM soon, in a few days, so am sure that some of it is water retention- it usually is.

Weigh in: It’s a miracle!!

Thurs 8 Aug 2013

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 5 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 1 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  4 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 0 lb
  • Weight loss total = 7 lb


Wohhhhhhhhhh how’d that happen??  I had to weigh myself twice to check I’d seen it right, and it definitely said 9 stone 1 lb both times!!

Must have been all the exercise I’ve done this last week or something.

I’m so pleased, had been getting a bit despondent as my last few weigh in’s haven’t been very good at all!  Think my weight is just so cyclical that I need to not worry quite so much about the week to week, but to look at the bigger picture, and that does seem to be an overall downward trend.  Yes sometimes it creeps up a little, but then like this week it goes down a big step again.

Pat on the back to me this morning! 🙂

Weigh In: Worlds Worst Dieter

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 4 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 5 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  0 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 1 lb
  • Weight loss total = 3 lb

Weight is just creaping back on as my weekend eating spirals out of control.  This is so depressing, feels like I’m undoing all my hard work, am only 3lb shy of where I started which makes me want to cry! 😦

Weigh In: same old.

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 4 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 4 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  0 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 0 lb
  • Weight loss total = 4 lb


Is anyone elses weight loss such a rollercoaster?  Up down up down.  Can be very frustrating!  I thought I’d gained weight this week, but then I found that I hadn’t put last weeks post into the “Weigh In” category so I found that post and realised I’d stayed the same, which is something I suppose in itself, staying the same is good.  It’s not putting on weight at least!