Fast Day 69 and 70: Bad blogger!

Sorry, bad blogger this week- did 2 fast days and then ran out of time and energy to type them up, so there they are:

Fast Day 69:  Thurs 6th March


  • 100g mango = 65c
  • 53g Gippsland yogurt = 73c


  • 39g fresh medjool dates (2) = 108c


  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 60g avo = 96c
  • 57g cucumber = 8c


  • 1/2 pack Slim Angel Hair fake noodles (shirataki) = 10c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • 50g frozen sweetcorn = 39c
  • 20g Lee Kum Black Pepper sauce = 26c

Fast Day 69 Total = 499c

This fast day was relatively easy compared to the one I did Sunday.  We were just hangin round the house on Sunday so all the food was calling to me!!!!!!!! 😦


Fast Day 70:  Sunday 09 March 2014


  • 181g fresh figs = 133c


  • 1/2 pack Slim Angel Hair fake noodles (shirataki) = 10c
  • 100g frozen sweetcorn = 78c
  • 10g ‘cream of’ powder mix = 32c
  • 14g Mae Plot red curry paste = 16c


  • Jamie’s onion soup = 210c

Fast Day  70 total:  479c

Lunch was yum, I made a “creamy” thai noodle soup, without all the fat- was really good.  Perhaps a little bit too much curry paste though as its a strong paste and it was quite spicy!  Still my fave meal of the day though, felt naughty but it really wasn’t! 🙂

So yep, I managed two this week, just about, by squeezing in my second fast day on Sunday.  Tuesday was pancake day and we had friends round for pancakes so had no time to plan a fast for Wednesday so it had to be Thursday, then hating to Fast on a Fri I decided on Sunday, although that was tricky too, but I survived!



Fast Day 55: rather jiggly in my bikini (and not in a good way)!

Tues 7th Jan 2014

Break- 6.15am – total 155c

  • Tamar Valley Greek yog pot – exotic fruit = 155c

Lunch – total 120c

  • Homemade mini polenta muffin = 120c

Veggies that I had half at lunch, half at dinner – total 53c

  • 93g cherry tomatoes = 17c
  • 89g carrot (1 carrot) = 28c
  • 55g cucumber = 8c

EXERCISE:  30 mins swim.

Dinner total – 170c

  • Vitawheat lunch slice – Mixed grain = 77c
  • 50g avo = 80c
  • 20g red grapes = 13c

Fast Day 55 Total = 498c

I know I shouldn’t have been looking through my cake book this close to Christmas, but I’m having a Birthday picnic at the weekend and as one of my friends got me some cute cupcake cases and sparkly edible glitter for Christmas I thought I’d make some cupcakes for it using my cute new cake stuff.  Whilst looking for the perfect recipe for the weekend, I found this savoury polenta muffin recipe that I thought I’d try out since we were having gumbo last night for dinner and they’d go perfectly!  Double perfect in that the recipe called for buttermilk, and when I looked up a buttermilk substitute it said you can use sour cream (you can also use milk and lemon juice or vinegar too btw)!  The reason this is awesome is that for some bizarre reason over Christmas we bought 3 tubs of sour cream- one of which was used in potato salad but I had no idea what to do with the other two tubs!!!

Anywhos, they’re delicious, but when made into 24 mini muffins they are quite mini, so I bulked them up with the extra raw veggies.  I’ve actually already added the recipe on here yesterday, so all the breakdown on individual ingredients is on that page.  You could definitely make the muffins bigger if you’d prefer, I just wasn;t sure how much they’d rise (not lots), so next time I’ll know it’s ok to fill the muffin cases to the top, although of course that would make the calories much higher per muffin.

Today’s fasting was alright- so busy at work catching up on everything (first day back after Xmas – urgh!) that I didn’t have too much time to think about food really.  Went swimming after work too, did about 30 mins.  Gonna ache tomorrow as I don’t think I did much exercise at all the entire December…. it’ll be good ache though so that’s ok! 🙂  Was rather jiggly in my bikini (and not in a good way), but hopefully shouldn’t take too long before I’m a bit firmer and leaner again.  Hopefully getting back to what I was before Christmas won’t take too long, and then after that, I don’t know how long it will take, but I’ll get there!



Fast Day 53: back on the horse!

Saturday 4 Jan 2014

Lunch -1.40pm – avo on ryvita plus coconut chia pudding – total 184c

  • 1 ryvita = 40c
  • 40g mashed up avocado with chilli flakes (v generous helping on 1 ryvita) = 64c

Coconut Chia pudding

  • 400ml can Woolies Homebrand coconut milk = 260c
  • 4 tableS chia – 52g = 232c
  • 40g dessicated coconut = 273c
  • pinch cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg = 0

765 / 8 portions = 95c / 2 = 47.5c

  • 100g mango = 65c / 2 = 32.5

Dinner – ricepaper rolls & coconut chia pudding- total 300c

  • Starter = 40g Woolworths turkey breast portion- smoked  = 50c
  • 80g cucumber = 12c
  • 56g carrot = 17c
  • 45g red pepper = 13c
  • 40g yellow pepper = 10c
  • 7g coriander = 3c
  • 59g beansprouts = 11c
  • 50g mushrooms = 12c
  • 3 large ricepapers = 27c
  • tableS chilli oil = 40c
  • 20ml Kikkomal reduced salt soy sauce = 25c
  • Coconut chia pudding topped with mango- the other half! = 80c

Fast Day 53 Total:  484c

Think the excess of Christmas has made this first Fast Day back really easy as just so stuffed n bloated after all the festivities, so really wasn’t very hungry at all!  Apologies for the confusingness with the chia pudding, was supposed to have had it for breakfast, but got up late, had to work out my cals, did a load of other stuff, then figured out the cals by which point it was about 10.30am and I wasn’t hungry anyways so decided not to bother, and just to split it between lunch and dinner.  Was nice, had a little lunchtime dessert as well as a dinner one. 🙂

It’s my 30th Birthday next week.  At the start of this blog I set out that by my 30th birthday I would be slim and fabulous, and sadly I am not remotely near my ideal “slim and fabulous” weight, but with a couple of fast days between now and then I am at least hoping to lose some of the Christmas bloat so that I feel a bit more comfortable in my clothes again!  Everything I have is now just that little bit tight and I’m feeling uncomfortable, but hopefully I’ll lose some water weight this week and feel a bit better by then.  Am also chugging peppermint and nettle tea to help deal with water retention.  Plan to get on the exercise bike tomorrow too, do a few crunches n squats, so that’ll help me feel better psychologically, cos along with all the eating the exercise went completely out the window this December!!!!!!!!!! :-S


Just had my dinner, was yum and v filling.  Actually had to reduce the amount of veg I’d originally planned to have cos it was too much, so I got to have a sneaky portion of smoked turkey as a starter! 🙂  Didn’t feel too hungry today except just before dinner, so that worked out well!  In the afternoon about 4pmish I did have a slight “mmm, bit of chocolate would be nice” moment, but it was blatantly a hangover from Christmas though cos I checked with my stomach and it wasn’t hungry, so I carried on with what I was doing and didn’t think much about it, so all in all was a good first fast day!


Fast Day 39: 2 down, 1 to go!

Wed 25 Sept 2013

Break- 6.15am – total 139c

  • 62g avocado = 99c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • chilli flakes = 0

Lunch – green bean & chorizo stirfry – total 196c

  • 100g green beans = 31c
  • 50g Primo chorizo = 153c
  • dash of smoked paprika = 0c
  • 18g grapes (haha, this is 3 grapes!) = 12c


EXERCISE:  30 min on the exercise bike (5 min warm up, 20 mins of intervals- 8 sec fast, 12 slow & repeat – 5 min warm down)

Dinner – Veggie curry – total 165c

  • teaS olive oil = 40c
  • 20g Patak Butter Chicken paste = 32c
  • 29g mushroom = 7c
  • 100g okra = 31c
  • 64g celery = 9c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • 25g cherry tomato = 4c


  • 100ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Light (plus water) = 8c

Fast Day 39 Total = 500c


Looking forward to lunch today- was super easy to make too- chop up chorizo into small bits and dry fry until it releases some fat, and then add the green beans so it all sizzles in its own juices- should be yum!  Although 50g chorizo when chopped up small looks like quite a lot- I think next time I could use less and still be satisfied, and then I could maybe have more than 3 grapes as lunchtime dessert! 😛  If you don’t have chorizo, some bacon would work just as well I think.


As predicted, lunch was yum!  Was a decent size, so belly is full, but it was tasty so I could have happily scoffed more!  Goes to show how most of the time we eat WAYYYYYY more than is necessary!


Dinner was alright, nothing special but it filled a hole.

One more Fast Day to go, on Friday.  Friday’s always a tough one cos you just wanna have a glass of wine or some choc to celebrate the week’s end, but I suppose when you look at it like that it’s probably a good idea to Fast of Fridays to stop you eating naughty things!

Fast Day 38: loves me some okra!

Mon 23 Sept 2013

Break – 8.20am – total 152c

  • 70g avocado = 112c
  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • chilli flakes = 0

Lunch – 2.40pm – total 182c

  • 207g Woolworths Homebrand Baked Beans (roughly half a can) = 182c

Dinner – Stirfry – total 163c

  • 5g coconut oil = 42c
  • 30g Lee Kum Black Pepper Sauce = 40c
  • Chinese 5 spice = 0
  • 41g asparagus = 8c
  • 100g green beans = 31c
  • 120g okra = 37c
  • 50g iceberg lettuce = 5c

Fast Day 38 Total = 497c

Breakie was delicious, and a tonne of avocado for just one ryvita- had it been a normal day I’d have had it on 2.  Still, super tasty start to the day,

Then I went off on a little charity shop shopping spree, looking for a few new summer pieces at bargain prices!  I visited two charity shops and one second hand shop and rummaged round and found some gems that  can’t wait to wear, including a gorgeous maxi dress! 🙂  Was hoping to find some shorts, but maybe next time- will try again in a few weeks time after my friend has been and gone.  I’m trying to be thriftier (hence the second hand), but also clothes can be such throwaway items these days, it feels nicer to be a bit greener- your trash is my treasure as they say! 🙂

Came home, had my baked beans, and then set about doing some house chores (taking clothes off the line, ironing, washing up), and now I’m just waiting for a reasonable dinner time.  Am sadly excited about dinner because on my adventure today I stopped off at this awesome  fruit n veg place and picked up some okra (ladiesfingers/bhindi), which my local supermarket doesn’t stock, and I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!   Have stir-fried some up with some other veg for my lunch tomorrow, and on Wednesday’s fast day am thinking of making a mini curry with it- can’t wait!

I am doing 3 Fast Days this week so that I feel nice and slim for when my friend arrived from Singapore next Sunday!  Since visitors always equal food, I wanted to pre-empt it a little by doing 3 Fasts this week!

From lazy lady to domestic goddess (minus the neck-choking scandal)!

Mon 22 July 2013

Break– oatbran porridge with 2 blobs of Tiptree raspberry jam

Post riding snack:  original coconut water.  1/2 slice wholegrain bread with peanut butter.

Lunch – homemade guacamole on 1 x lunch slice, some brie & camambert with crackers & chutney.


  • 2 x fajitas with light sour cream and home made guacamole.
  • Dukan cheesecake– no base, just low fat cream cheese blended up with low/no sugar jelly:  make up jelly with 3/4 of the water.  Once slightly cooled, mix up with cream cheese and let it set in the fridge.  Really yum, my fave is the lime flavour, but sadly I had no lime jelly.  Makes 4 portions: 1 portion = 129c which I don’t think is too bad for “cheesecake.”

After my riding lesson I usually feel really zonked.  The lesson’s themselves are 1 hour long, but from home to lesson and back again- I leave the house at 9.10am and get back home at about 1.45ish, which includes trains and buses and a sizeable chunk of walking, so by the time I get home I’m pretty wiped.  Bit lame I know, but often I spend the afternoon lazing on the sofa.  And that was how today seemed like it was going to go too.  Got home, had lunch, lounged on aforementioned sofa with hot water bottle n throws over my legs like an old granny and closed my eyes.

And then something weird happened.  I got up and did a TONNE of food making, it was like all this energy and determination came from nowhere!!  Maybe as I was snoozing I was feeling bad about all the crap I ate over the weekend and felt bad for eating so much tinned/packaged soup on my fast days.  I used to almost always cook something, or at least make something fresh like chilli avo on ryvita, but I feel like I’ve been relying too much on non-fresh food items recently for my lunches and I thought I should remedy that!

So I made one of my super amazing wraps using half a sundried tomato wrap (we have a some left from the fajitas that need using and I LOVE wraps), a load of veg, some camembert and ham- all for only 236c.  Rock on man, I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow ON A FAST DAY!  I just put anything and everything in wraps and they always taste so good, and different every time!

Handy tip so you can fill even more in them- lay them flat on cling film/cellophane, fill them up in a line down the middle, right up to the edge and roll your wrap up tight- no need to tuck the ends up- anything that falls out just squash back in the end.  Then as tight as you can, wrap it up in the cellophane.  When you’re ready to eat it, simply cut the wrap in half, and you have an awesome wrap whose filling won’t fall about everywhere cos you just roll down the cling film as you eat.  Plus, you don’t get those annoying end bits where it’s all wrap and no filling! 🙂  Ahhhh, you know you can’t wait to try it!

And I had a can of artichokes in the cupboard I bought ages ago to roast and never got round to it, so I decided to do those for my dinner tomorrow.  Was supposed to just be the artichokes and garlic, but as we’re busy this week, as well as having tonnes of fajita leftovers, we had veg in the fridge that needed using or it’d end up binned (which I hate!!) so I used them up- cherry toms, half an onion, half a zucchini, and I had practically a whole head of cauliflower so I used the stalks to roast.  They go nice and chewy!

AND with the rest of the cauliflower, the usual white bit, plus the leaves, I made a cauliflower and lentil soup!  Now the only thing left in the veg section is lettuce (which shall be used in future wraps), carrot (snap) and cucumber (snap x 2), so to sound really chavvy I am ‘well pleased’ with myself! 😛