Fast Day 71: One and Only!

Tues 11 March 2014

Break- 6.15am – total 147c

  • 103g fig = 76c
  • 1/2 pot Chobani Greek Yog- apple & cinnamon = 71c

Lunch- 1pm – beans – total 148c

  • 111g celery = 16c
  • 250g black eye beans = 290c
  • 8g garlic = 11c
  • 115g onion = 34c
  • 2 tableS olive oil = 242c

593 / 4 portions = 148c

EXERCISE:  2 hr walk

Dinner – 8pm – cajun gumbo- total 204c

  • can chopped toms = 108c
  • 100g red lentils = 296c
  • 300g black eye beans = 348c
  • 214g okra = 66c
  • 1 1/2 tableS Gravox Roast Meat gravy powder = 13c
  • 11g garlic= 16c
  • 150g frozen sweetcorn = 117c
  • 182g celery = 27c
  • tableS avocado oil = 120c
  • 175g onion = 52c
  • 185g broccoli = 62c

1225 / 6 portions = 204c

Fast Day 71 total = 499c

Lunch was tasty- sweat/lightly fry onion n celery for 10 mins, then add onion sage and garlic and cook for a few more minutes, then add some water and simmer for 2 mins- yum!

It’s a stressful week this week and I freely admit that I struggled today- wanted food so bad!!  Was probably a good thing we went out for our walk straight after work cos otherwise I’d have raided the cupboards/fridge and ruined my Fast day for sure.  The walk was lots of fun, in the National park with the boyfriend and a friend, although by the end my muscles were extremely achey!  Would have been easier with more food in the belly, but hey ho, luckily I made the dinner Monday night so could heat it up as soon as we got in! 🙂

This’ll be my only Fast Day this week.  The boyfriend is finishing up his PHD this week and I know I won’t manage another successful fast day, too busy, too stressed- I don’t want to set myself up to try knowing that this week is not the right time for me to Fast- I’d only fail.  So just the one fast day this week then, but that’s ok, we’ll see about next week.





Fast Day 69 and 70: Bad blogger!

Sorry, bad blogger this week- did 2 fast days and then ran out of time and energy to type them up, so there they are:

Fast Day 69:  Thurs 6th March


  • 100g mango = 65c
  • 53g Gippsland yogurt = 73c


  • 39g fresh medjool dates (2) = 108c


  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 60g avo = 96c
  • 57g cucumber = 8c


  • 1/2 pack Slim Angel Hair fake noodles (shirataki) = 10c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • 50g frozen sweetcorn = 39c
  • 20g Lee Kum Black Pepper sauce = 26c

Fast Day 69 Total = 499c

This fast day was relatively easy compared to the one I did Sunday.  We were just hangin round the house on Sunday so all the food was calling to me!!!!!!!! 😦


Fast Day 70:  Sunday 09 March 2014


  • 181g fresh figs = 133c


  • 1/2 pack Slim Angel Hair fake noodles (shirataki) = 10c
  • 100g frozen sweetcorn = 78c
  • 10g ‘cream of’ powder mix = 32c
  • 14g Mae Plot red curry paste = 16c


  • Jamie’s onion soup = 210c

Fast Day  70 total:  479c

Lunch was yum, I made a “creamy” thai noodle soup, without all the fat- was really good.  Perhaps a little bit too much curry paste though as its a strong paste and it was quite spicy!  Still my fave meal of the day though, felt naughty but it really wasn’t! 🙂

So yep, I managed two this week, just about, by squeezing in my second fast day on Sunday.  Tuesday was pancake day and we had friends round for pancakes so had no time to plan a fast for Wednesday so it had to be Thursday, then hating to Fast on a Fri I decided on Sunday, although that was tricky too, but I survived!


Fast Day 68: I managed my 2 Fast Days this week!

Thurs 27 Feb 2014
Break- 6.15am – total 39c
  • 90g nectarine = 39c
Lunch – 12.45pm – bean pate on ryvita – total 250c
  • 39g leeks = 23c
  • 6g garlic = 8c
  • 6g veg stock = 7c
  • 15ml canola oil = 122c
  • 420g black eye beans = 487c
  • 24g tableS Master Food Tomato Ketchup = 33

680 / 4 portions = 170c

  • 2 x ryvita = 80c
Dinner – onion soup – total 211c
  • Leftover portion onion soup (from frozen) = 210c
  • Diet coke = 1c

Fast Day 68 total = 500c

Haha, breakfast today was not quite a whole nectarine, almost, but not quite- gave the remaining bite to the boyfriend.  Survived the morning though till lunch, so it obviously didn’t do me any harm having such a small breakfast!
Lunch was very tasty, and quite filling too.  It used up a portion of my blackeye beans I prepared on Monday- I set them aside especially so I could make this.  The original recipe called for kidney beans, but whatever, I reckon you could pretty much substitute any other kind of bean n it’d still taste awesome!  On a non-fast day you can have it with some grated cheddar melted on top- yum, so delish.  I had it on a slice of my soda bread yesterday with the 13g grated cheese all melted into it and it was such a good lunch- would recommend it!
Here’s the recipe :
Mexican Bean Pate
  • 1 x onion
  • 1 x garlic clove
  • 1 x can kidney beans
  • fajita spice- to your liking
  • 1 tableS tomato paste
  • 60ml stock
  1. Heat oil and stirfry onion and garlic for about 5 mins till softened
  2. Add fajita spice and fry for a further minute or so to release all the spice flavour.
  3. Add the tomato paste and mix it all up- stirfry for another min
  4. Add onion mix to blender, with beans and stock and whizz up.
  5. Serve warm, with grated cheese on top- ping in the microwave to melt the cheese on top.
  6. If having the next day, reheat in the microwave for about a minute, top with cheese near the end.
Original recipe as you can see, slightly different to what I used, but adaption is key when trying to use up what you have, and I imagine it tasted pretty much the same  as the original to be honest.  I didn’t have tomato paste so ketchup was a good improv from me- was pleased with myself about that substitution!  Original recipe also says to mix up a dollop of sour cream and the grated cheese, stick it on top of your pate and THEN melt in microwave.  Wasn’t going to go out to buy sour cream just for this dish, so I omitted that this time, but by all means if you have some sour cream go ahead- it tastes great with it!
Had my dinner, soup was nice, but in the wrong bowl (too big!) so it looked a really piddly amount. 😦  The boyfriend was quite sweet n ate his tasty paella after I was done with my soup, so that I wouldn’t have to sit there next to him watching him eat!  I appreciated that as I was kinda tired after work and as usual, craving food, so I would have found it quite tough if he was sitting next to me eating all that carby chorizo goodness whilst I just had soup!!!
So that’s it, I managed my 2 Fast Days this week, whoop whoop!  I have been struggling recently to complete 2 a week, so am pleased that I did this week- go me!

Fast Day 67: Soupy day!

Tues 25 Feb 2014

Lunch – 1.45pm – beany soup = 218c

  • 53g onion = 15c
  • 5g teaS pork fat = 45c
  • 175g okra = 54c
  • 43g celery = 6c
  • 42g pork leg (roasted at the weekend!) = 60c
  • 300g black eyed beans = 348c
  • 3 cups bean broth = 339c
  • 2g cornflour = 7c

874/4 port = 218c

EXERCISE:  1 hr 20 min walk in National Park

Dinner – Onion Soup plus fruit n yog – total 278c

  • 164g leek = 100c
  • 5 sage leaves – 1g = 3c
  • 3 clove garlic – 12g = 17c
  • 418g white onion – 2 = 125c
  • 418g red onion – 3 = 150c
  • 33g shallots – 3 = 23c
  • 15g butter = 107
  • 2 tableS 30ml olive oil = 264c
  • 1L bean broth = 452c
  • 1L veg stock (Vegeta powder- 2 teaS = 6g) = 7c
  • 4g cornflour = 14c

1262 / 6 portions = 210c

  • 110g nectarine = 48c
  • 15g Gippsland yogurt = 20c

Fast Day 67 Total:  496c

Only managed one Fast Day last week- oophs – need to make sure I do my two this week- no failing this time!

Soaked some black eye beans and cooked them Monday morning, so that’s where my bean broth came from.  Was awesome, my bag of dried beans made so many portions- think I put about 6 bags of 250-300g each in the freezer- so much more economical than cans!  More time consuming of course, but if you do up a whole bag on one go and portion it out and freeze, it’s really not that much of an effort.  The remainder of the bean broth will be put into the paella on Wednesday night

The onion soup was a Jamie recipe (  tweaked a little bit, and minus the cheesy toast as it’s for fasting.   Hadn’t made it before, does bubble/simmer away for quite a while when you’re softening the onions, but that means delicious flavour.

So yeah, it’s a bit of a soupy day really, oddly just how it turned out when I was going through cupboards and doing my thrifty thing with what needs using up etc.  Feel like we ate a lot over the weekend (had a friend for dinner, it involved having cheeses n crackers, pork leg roast, milky potatoes, and a Nutella cheesecake….) so I wasn’t hungry this morning at all so figured I’d skip breakfast as the whole point is you’re supposed to eat when hungry right?  Wasn’t hungry.  Anyways, just meant that I cou;d have the extra cals with dinner if I wanted, which I did, got a tasty dessert.

The walk was really nice again, the National Park- went with the boyfriend this time.  He’s in the closing stages of finishing his PHD and I think the fresh air did him lots of good, cleared his head n refreshed him! 🙂

Am glad we went out straight after work cos I was having food cravings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast Day 65: survived, although I may need to go to bed early to stop myself from eating more!

Thurs 13 Feb 2013

Break – 6.15am –  1 polenta muffin & milk = 171c
Polenta muffins
  • 7g garlic =10c
  • 2g chilli = 1c
  • 40g red pepepr = 12c
  • 66g zucchini = 10c
  • 21g spring onion = 6c
  • 265g wholemeal self raising = 879c
  • 175g polenta = 591c
  • 1 teaS baking powder – 5g = 0
  • 250ml skim milk = 88c
  • 2 teaS apple cider vinegar = 0
  • 100g butter = 715c
  • 1 egg = 69c
2381 / 17 muffins = 140c per muffin
  • 90ml skim milk = 31c
Lunch – 12.45pm –  total 181c
  • Woolies fresh soup 300g pot- Thai red curry = 181c
Dinner – 7pm – noodles – total 148c
  • 1/2 pack Slenderslim Angel Hair pasta = 10c
  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 10g Amoy Sichuan spicy noodle sauce paste = 27c
  • 150g frozen mixed veg = 69c
  • 250ml diet coke = 1c
Fast Day total 500c

Yeah, yesterday…. I’d have been fine if it was anything but zumbarons (macarons) and a zonut (cronut)- seriously, there was cheesecake on Tuesday at work that I passed up despite it being for Jan and Feb’s birthdays (which includes my own!!!!!!!!!!), and there were cookies too yesterday which I would have been able to resist because I have resisted them before- but zumbarons?  That’s like the one thing I couldn’t have resisted!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well, was so amazingly yummy though so am not gonna complain too much.  It kinda messed with my dinner plans as today was supposed to be a feast day so I was going to do paella, and since I’m new to meal planning I was a bit distressed at having to rearrange my plan, but we had food enough for tonight so I will just be doing the paella on Friday instead, so not a huge deal in the end.

Struggled this afternoon, the leftover cookies and macarons were calling to me, then I had to go to the supermarket after work to pick up some flour…. omg, all the food was calling to me, the crisps, the cheese, the crackers….. somehow I managed to walk out of there without all those things for which I am pleased.  I did however have to hastily rearrange my cals for tonights dinner so that it was quicker to cook (ie frozen veg instead of chopping fresh) cos I needed to eat as quickly as possible so that I didn’t do anything stupid like stuffing my face with naughty foods!  Seemed to have worked, although I may need to go to bed early to stop myself from eating later on…. we’ll see!

Fast Day 64: much easier than Friday!

Tues 11 Feb 2014

Break – 6.15am – total 44c

  • 50g banana (about half a banana) = 44c

Lunch – 12.50pm- lentil patties – total 184c

  • 300g red lentils = 888c
  • 120g carrot = 38c
  • 100g Woolies Homebrand sweetcorn (from can) = 80c
  • 56g celery = 8c
  • 3g garlic = 4c
  • 53g onion = 15c
  • 14g pork fat (calories from butter) = 103c
  • 20ml balsamic vinegar = 17c
  • teaS dried rosemary = 0
  • 50g rice flour = 176c
  • 20ml canola oil = 162c
  • 1 egg = 69c
  • 41g Woolies Homebrand Light Tasty cheddar, grated = 138c
  • 33g Geoff Jones Marinated feta = 172c

1870 / 23 patties = 81c each.

  • 2 x lentil patties = 162c
  • 1 carrot – 71g = 22c

Dinner – creamy pasta – total 271c

  • 80g can sweetcorn = 64c
  • can HB kidney beans = 266c
  • 39g celery = 5c
  • 156g zucchini = 24c
  • 145g carrot = 46c
  • 208g broccoli = 70c
  • 44g spring onion = 14c
  • 3g red chilli = 1c
  • 3 clove garlic – 20g = 29c
  • 250g Le Matassine egg pasta = 937c
  • 2/3 cup – 180g ‘cream of’ soup mix = 585c
  • 239g chicken breast = 262c
  • 20ml canola oil = 162c
  • 100 ml white wine = 83c
  • 25g Woolies Select Wholegrain mustard = 36c
  • tableS cornflour- 12g = 42c
  • 3/4 cup grated Light Tasty cheddar cheese – 40g = 134c

2760 / 12 portions = 230c

  • 60g grapes = 41c

Fast Day 64 total = 449c

And the recipe for the ‘cream of’ soup mix is as follows:

  • 4 cups non-fat powdered milk = 460g = 1656c
  • 1.5 cups cornflour = 200g = 712c
  • 1/2 cup veggie stock = 100g = 254c
  • 4 tableS dried onion flakes = 40g = 0
  • 2 teaS dried thyme = 2g = 0c
  • 2 teaS dried basil = 2g = 0c
  • 1 teaS pepper = 2g = 0c

806g = 2622c

1g = 3.25c

Use 1/3 cup (90g = 292c) to 1.25 cups water.

2/3 cup = 180g = 585c.

When a recipe calls for a cream of soup can, or evaporated milk, you can substitute this mix instead.  Typically I use 2/3 cup powder (and the 2.5 cup water) to replace a can, as 1/3 cup doesn’t ever seem like enough liquid- the cornflour thickens it up a lot.  You could just add more water instead of you’d prefer that to using 2/3 cup powder!  This is very handy to have in the cupboard as the base for a sauce if you don’t seem to have much else- make it Thai or creamy Indian by adding curry paste, add peanut butter with a bit of sweet chilli too, to make it satay (did that the other week- yum!!)- it’s versatile!  Ha, or even have it as a plain old cup-a-soup minus all the nasties! 🙂

This Fast Day was alright, wasn’t very hungry, think cos I probably ate too much at the weekend.  Went swimming, but didn’t get a lot of swimming done as kids were playing in the swimming lanes which was really annoying!

Have to cook some food for tomorrow in a minute- that might be hard cos it’s gonna be cajun chicken n okra and it’s gonna be tasty- will be hard not to eat any want to eat some now!!  It was meant to go in some paella, the chicken, but the creamy pasta made more dinners worth than I was expecting, and it wouldn’t keep long enough to go in the paella, so tomorrow for lunch it is- don’t usually have meat for lunch, almost seems extravagant! 😛

Fast Day 63: Not gonna lie!

Fri 7 Feb 2014

Break – 6.15am – total 84c

  • Tamar Valley Greek yogurt pot – Mango = 84c

Lunch – 1pm – total 248c

  • Woolies fresh veg soup 300g pot- Beef and vegetable = 156c
  • 10g Geoff Jones marinated feta = 52c
  • 70g cucumber = 10c
  • 100g watermelon = 30c

Dinner – 7pm – total 168c

  • Can diet coke = 2c
  • Leftover portion of my beany pearl barley broth soup = 166c

Fast Day 63 Total = 500c

I’m not gonna lie, today was HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, more specifically, the evening was hard!  Work had been stressful, but was fine, was busy, didn’t really get much chance to think about food, but the evening?  The boyfriend was busy with work and skyping his boss who’s in the UK at the minute, and I was a bit bored, and wanted some wine and some chocolate or toast or icecream or something to cheer me up a a bit!  Dinner was hugely filling, really hearty, but I had some serious cravings to contend with all evening, was evil, almost just went to bed early to try and stop myself eating anything.  Bit my lip to death instead- obviously I needed to chew on something….. it’s sore now! 😦

Bit of a soup-a-licious day today.  Was out Thurs night seeing a friend so by the time I got in I couldn’t be bothered to figure it all out or put any effort into making anything, so I grabbed 2 soups I had in the freezer which was handy- one home made and one shop bought.  Both tasty, esp cos the lunchtime one has some meat in which kept me full for the afternoon.  The diet coke tided me over till dinner…. barely, almost succumbed to the lure of treats, but I knew how p*ssed off with myself I’d have been if I wrecked this fast day!  Proud of myself for sticking with it today!