Fast Day 65: survived, although I may need to go to bed early to stop myself from eating more!

Thurs 13 Feb 2013

Break – 6.15am –  1 polenta muffin & milk = 171c
Polenta muffins
  • 7g garlic =10c
  • 2g chilli = 1c
  • 40g red pepepr = 12c
  • 66g zucchini = 10c
  • 21g spring onion = 6c
  • 265g wholemeal self raising = 879c
  • 175g polenta = 591c
  • 1 teaS baking powder – 5g = 0
  • 250ml skim milk = 88c
  • 2 teaS apple cider vinegar = 0
  • 100g butter = 715c
  • 1 egg = 69c
2381 / 17 muffins = 140c per muffin
  • 90ml skim milk = 31c
Lunch – 12.45pm –  total 181c
  • Woolies fresh soup 300g pot- Thai red curry = 181c
Dinner – 7pm – noodles – total 148c
  • 1/2 pack Slenderslim Angel Hair pasta = 10c
  • teaS canola oil = 41c
  • 10g Amoy Sichuan spicy noodle sauce paste = 27c
  • 150g frozen mixed veg = 69c
  • 250ml diet coke = 1c
Fast Day total 500c

Yeah, yesterday…. I’d have been fine if it was anything but zumbarons (macarons) and a zonut (cronut)- seriously, there was cheesecake on Tuesday at work that I passed up despite it being for Jan and Feb’s birthdays (which includes my own!!!!!!!!!!), and there were cookies too yesterday which I would have been able to resist because I have resisted them before- but zumbarons?  That’s like the one thing I couldn’t have resisted!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well, was so amazingly yummy though so am not gonna complain too much.  It kinda messed with my dinner plans as today was supposed to be a feast day so I was going to do paella, and since I’m new to meal planning I was a bit distressed at having to rearrange my plan, but we had food enough for tonight so I will just be doing the paella on Friday instead, so not a huge deal in the end.

Struggled this afternoon, the leftover cookies and macarons were calling to me, then I had to go to the supermarket after work to pick up some flour…. omg, all the food was calling to me, the crisps, the cheese, the crackers….. somehow I managed to walk out of there without all those things for which I am pleased.  I did however have to hastily rearrange my cals for tonights dinner so that it was quicker to cook (ie frozen veg instead of chopping fresh) cos I needed to eat as quickly as possible so that I didn’t do anything stupid like stuffing my face with naughty foods!  Seemed to have worked, although I may need to go to bed early to stop myself from eating later on…. we’ll see!

Fast Day 60:

Tues 20 Jan 2014

Break – 6.15am – total 97c

  • 100g Chobani 2% fat Greek yog = 69c
  • 50g blueberries = 28c

Lunch – total 111c

  • 1 x ryvita = 40c
  • 30g Willowbrae chilli marinated goats feta = 58c
  • 41g carrot = 13c

EXERCISE:  30 min swim

Dinner – total 277c

  • 1/6 portion gumbo = 210
  • Chapati 1/16th portion = 65c
  • diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 60 Total = 485c

Gah, I just wrote this out n then for some reason it didn’t save and published an older version.  Poop.

Anywho’s, there wasn’t too much to talk about tbh.  Fast Day was alright.  Tired for my swim, but still managed 30 minutes so was ok, and had leftovers waiting for me when I got in, so I didn’t have to wait too long for food. 🙂

Mini Polenta Muffins

Very yummy savoury muffins that you can add whatever extra fillings you like too- I added red and green peppers, chilli flakes and coriander, but some nice sausage or sundried tomatoes would be great too, some spring onions, some corgette, whatever really!

Here’s the recipe/cals:

Mini Polenta Muffins


*Makes 24 small, or 12 larger.  Recipe doesn’t rise v much, so can fill muffin cases to the brim which should therefore fit in 12 cases.  I didn’t know how much rise there’d be, so I half filled 24 cases, making 24 mini muffins.


  • 265g wholemeal self raising flour = 879c
  • 175g polenta = 591c
  • 30g caster sugar = 122c
  • 1 tsp baking powder = 0
  • pinch salt = 0
  • 250g tub light Dairy Farmers Sour Cream (alternatively 250ml butter milk) = 497c
  • 100g butter, melted = 715c
  • 1 egg = 69c
  • teaS chilli flakes = 0
  • 37g green pepper, diced small = 7c
  • 66g red pepper, diced small = 20c
  • 7g coriander, finely chopped = 3c

Total 2903 / 24 muffins = 120c per muffin


  1. Preheat oven to 175c
  2. Mix sifted flour, polenta, sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl.
  3. Chop any additions and add them to the dry mix.
  4. In a separate bowl, mix up your butter milk, melted butter and egg.
  5. Stir dry ingredients into wet ingredients till just combined.  If a bit too dry, add a small dash of water.  Mixture should be thick/textured- should not be goopy.  Might look different if using butter milk instead of sour cream though, so this relates to sour cream usage.
  6. Spoon into cupcake/muffin cases and cook in the oven for c. 35 mins.
  7. Enjoy!

*** Note:  Original recipe said 20 mins in the oven, but mine took an extra 15 minutes more to go golden brown.  Probably due to sour cream instead of buttermilk at a guess, so depending what you’re using, check after 20 mins to see how they’re doing.


For a lower cal version:

  • Use marge instead of butter
  • Use butter milk or skimmed milk with lemon/vinegar instead of sour cream.
  • Omit sugar altogether.  Orig recipe said 60g, but I cut it in half for this first attempt, but since they’re savoury muffins I might omit the sugar altogether next time as I don’t think it’s really necessary.
  • Could use egg whites instead of whole egg?

Weekend Eating….

In no particular order, and am sure there was other stuff I ate too, but these are the naughtier things I thought I should declare that I ate:

  • double cream brie & ritz crackers
  • noodles
  • toast with butter
  • home made cupcakes- mixed peal sponge topped with salted caramel sauce…. yeah, I ate quite a few of these!
  • Buffet at our friends engagement party:  mini pies (beef ones and curry ones- both delicious!), mini samosas, chicken wings.  To be fair, I had only one chicken wing (too messy), and not tonnes of the other items, but probably about a zillion calories and fat!
  • Drinks at party- southern comfort & coke (oh yeah, that was pre-party….), 3 glass of wine (one white, one rose, one red- I don’t like to discriminate!), AND a margarita.  That was actually my first ever margarita oddly enough, and it was super tasty!
  • Sunday- felt like I ate everything in the house.  Was a little hungover, so I apparently decided to stuff my face….
  • Sunday evening dinner- bourbon beef casserole with cheesy polenta dumplings.  I made this a few weeks ago, and it made such a massive amount that I froze some, so we had seriously tasty dinner without having to do any work! 🙂

When I made it I adapted it a little bit.  I added half a cup of pearl barley, can of chickpeas, 2 potatoes, a dash of worcestershire sauce, a dash of red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of sweet paprika-  yumminy!

It was a bit too much to go in my oven proof dish, so after the recipe cooking time was up, my meat still wasn’t very tender, so mine was  2 hrs in oven, then I transferred it to a big casserole pot on the hob for about another hour.  The hob worked much better, next time I will just stick it on the hob I think.  I added more stock when it needed it, and then when I was ready to add the toping, I stuck the whole thing under the grill to get the polenta crispy.  Had added some grated cheddar cheese when I made the polenta (it melts in), for extra deliciousness! 🙂