Fast Day 36: slight dilemma!

Tues 17 Sept 2013

Break – 6.15am – fruit = 97c

  • 150g strawberries = 48c
  • 100g naval orange = 49c

Lunch- soup – total 133c

  • Continental Cup-A-Soup- Dutch Curry and Rice = 123c
  • 70g cucumber = 10c

EXERCISE: Swimming

Dinner – frittata – total 262c

  • 273G tofu = 152c
  • 5 eggs = 345c
  • Dairy Farmers 250g tub cottage cheese = 267c
  • 15g Woolies Select Hot Salami = 59c
  • 119g broccoli = 40c
  • 35g spring onion = 11c
  • 63g Don Double Smoked Ham = 60c
  • 52g cherry tomatoes = 9c
  • 8g garlic = 11c
  • 160g spinach = 33c
  • 5g flora light = 21c
  • 1 teaS canola oil = 41c

1049 / 4 portions = 262c

  • 100ml Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice = 8c

Fast Day 36 Total = 500c


Had some major stomach gurgling this morning, but quenched the rumbles with water and tea.  Had my cup-a-soup in a bowl to make it feel like I had a proper lunch, and it seemed to work, it felt satisfying!

Didn’t feel so hot today though, bit headachey and tired all day.  Could be because I was wearing old glasses instead of new ones- the prescription difference is minimal, but it could have been a factor- so I really wanted to go home instead of swimming, but I still went.  Haha, me and my mate mostly chatted rather than swum, but there were some lengths in there, so must have done myself a little bit of good!

Got home, had my dinner, watched some Downton (rewatching S3, as S4 starts next weekend- whoop whoop!) and then snoozed on the sofa ridiculously early, like it was 8.15pm and I was falling asleep!!  Don’t think it was due to fast day though, think it was due to the feeling crappy all day.

I’m going to have a bit of a Fasting dilemma soon- one of my best mates from home is visiting at the end of the month, so I don’t know what to do about Fasting.  Not sure I’ll be able to Fast when she’s here, as I don’t want to waste my time calculating calories when I could be hanging with her and chatting.  I also am not sure I want to advertise about the Fasting either.  But when you have guests, all you do is eat and drink yummy things and my weight will just balloon!!!!  SO, what I am contemplating is this: on the days when I have to go to work (sadly not enough holiday to book the whole time off) I eat no food until the evening, when I eat a normal dinner.  It wouldn’t be a proper fast, as I wouldn’t be calculating the calories of dinner, but the principles of 5:2 would be upheld, the big gap in eating allowing my body to repair itself and use fat stores.  If I did this then I could fit fasting in without it affecting my friends visit.  I know some people on 5:2 don’t eat anything until dinner, but I don’t know, the thought is quite scary, esp since I usually split my calories between 3 meals…. Would I die of hunger?  Would I be a complete b*tch to everyone at work due to lack of food and energy?  Really, what I should do is try it before she gets here….. except I don’t want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bit of a dilemma.  I might just do it when she’s here, as I think it will be tough, and I’m not sure I want to know just how tough in advance….. :-S


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